(walter) hello

(Kevin) hey

(lackthelustre) hello

(heulwen) right on time!

(heulwen) good morning walter =)

(The Shade of a Tree) I am excited!

(The Shade of a Tree) Woo! Walter, hows it going?

(triebsand) HEY GUYS...it's TRIEBSTER

(walter) thanks, belated happy new year to everyone

(kevtv) very punctual...you too sir

(fondestmemory) thanks. same to you.

(lackthelustre) thanx

(q1) happy new year walter

(Kevin) 2006 sounds like a good year for us

(triebsand) happy new year

(q1) what up trieb

(walter) i've got a lot to do

(heulwen) happy new year to you too.

(blwyddyn newydd dda!)

(mywar) Ok, let's start the same way we did last time.... we'll start in order to your right.... so that means xcrashx... you've got the first question

(mywar) everyone please respect the order and give Walter the opportunity to type

(xcrashx) okay ;) so walter, what is meant with that rock record thing? walking concert?

(walter) yes walking concert

(xcrashx) thats very nice

(walter) i've been writting a lot more tunes with the dudes

(mywar) OK quicksand1

(q1) u have alot of amazing unrecorded wc songs. cant wait to hear them on record.

(q1) are u going to release a greatest acoustical hits album in the near future?

(walter) i'm psyched, I've written a few new one this last month

(walter) yes I am, I think it will be best if it's a live record

(q1) definitely

(q1) where would u want to record it

(walter) I plan to do more shows until I get enough good performances recorded

(q1) awesome. i hope u plan to hit the states with a tour.

(walter) I think I'm starting to get real comfortable in that setting

(mywar) mywar's basement will be a good recording facility

(hint hint)

(q1) from what ive heard u definitely are.

(walter) I will do the states, as many as I can within the next six months

(triebsand) Hit South Florida Please !!!

(walter) that's a great idea my war are you game?

(xcrashx) and come back to germany ;)

(q1) that rocks. i cant wait til u come to chicago.

(The Shade of a Tree) Ohio!

(Kevin) phoenix

(walter) I'd love to go to south florida, i haven't played there in ages

(Gnappo72) Yo...Fucking Gnappo from Italy is here!!!!

(The Shade of a Tree) [shade]I would cry

(walter) ciao Gnappo

(heulwen) well as everyone else is butting in...whn are you coming back to the UK??? we miss you

(Gnappo72) Ciao walter...nice to hear you in action

(walter) It's been too long, I've been talking to my agent but haven't gotten it together I'll email tonight about that.

(Gnappo72) i'm very exciteted about your 2006 projects

(lost) Are you going to use any motorcycles songs on the new WC album

(walter) I will use some of the older material

(Gnappo72) great!!!

(walter) We've been playing "Paige Davis"

(heulwen) Is there a recorded version of heading for the beaches yet?

(walter) only live, that is one of my favorite new ones

(Gnappo72) some minutes ago i was hearing in my car some live bootlegs from Memory Of A Free Festival stuff..i think 7Motorcycles, Paige Davis and Depressed Friends are some of your best songs ever

(triebsand) Yes, I agree 100%

(heulwen) that's my favourite WC track =)

(The Shade of a Tree) Igualmente.

(walter) Thank you, I'm working on those for a solo record, they sound very nice that way

(Gnappo72) great!!!

(fondestmemory) what did you think of the fall out boy cover of 'start today' on the tony hawk soundtrack?

(walter) I was happy they chose the song, we're in good company with Minor Threat, Dead Kennedy's etc .

(fondestmemory) any opinion of how their version came out?

(walter) well, I only heard it once, I like the GB version better but that's kind of to be expected, the Gb is more raw

(fondestmemory) understandable.

(Oh Contraire) hahaha

(Oh Contraire) thats very understandable !

(walter) I love playing that song acoustically it works great

(heulwen) yeah it does

(fondestmemory) i love it acoustic. that's my favorite version of it.

(walter) thanks!

(Kevin) i've seen Quicksand quite a few times in Detroit, and i was wondering why you never played certain songs live like Transparent or Skinny

(rob) walter, chris rowe, i'm sure would want me to give a what's up for him.

(walter) I loved Detroit with Quicksand we had great shows there and St. Andrew’s

(Kevin) St. andys rocks

(walter) we played skinny I think once and we really fucked it up so bad that we never dared try again

(Kevin) at the first warped tour you said that you played the longest version of unfulfilled

(Kevin) you guys started over midsong

(walter) transparent was sort of technical to me so we didn't play it much, I wish we had I like that one

(Kevin) me too

(Oh Contraire) i love transparent

(walter) We loved playing the songs that we could extend and jam a bit

(mywar) related question, what songs have you tried acoustic that you really wanted to work, but just didn't...

(Oh Contraire) i was wondering the same thing

(The Shade of a Tree) As was I..

(walter) I think I chosen pretty well, if I'm into doing it I think that enthusiasm goes a long way to making it work, some songs do fall in and out of favor though ) what 2 songs are in favor right now... what 2 songs are out of favor

(Oh Contraire) i think most of the walking concert songs would go over well acoustic

(walter) in my solo set I've gotten sick of "competition" but at one time I was really into it

(walter) I love playing Calyso acoustic

(Gnappo72) Calypso is absolutely marvelous

(mywar) It's nice that you have a forum for that song now....

(walter) i don't want to diss the tune I just kept forgetting to whistle

(kevtv) was wondering your opinion on the yc music scene in terms of both artists and venues, as i feel there is a void in both lately

(kevtv) also would you ever consider doing a residency-type thing at a place like the knitting facotry, even featuring differnt bands/projects

(walter) what is yc?

(kevtv) nyc'

(kevtv) sorry bout that

(Oh Contraire) youth crew?

(walter) I am looking into a residency for late march

(kevtv) excellent, good venue, esp the tap room

(good sound and some good beer too)

(heulwen) hey guys, i'm going to have to go.. I'm falling asleep here, and I have to be up in 5 hours. Great to see you again walter. by the way, did you finally see my walking concert website???

(walter) I don't know much about yc stuff outside of TFS who I produced and the Bold reunion

(kevtv) ha i guess my typo yielded a different question

(Oh Contraire) sorry about that dude!

(Gnappo72) bye heulwen

(mywar) heulwen, we'll miss you, but i'm making a transcript

(walter) Yes, and I think it looks great! thank you and sleep well

(heulwen) thanks *blush*

(heulwen) um.. 1) can i do your merch on the next uk tour... and 1) if you could have any song ever as your ringtone on your cellphone what would it be??

(walter) smoke on the water, and I don't think we've got it in the budget!

(heulwen) heh. i didn't ask to be paid! ;)

(heulwen) anyway. i'll see you soon. take care

(heulwen) bye everyone

(walter) bye

(ToneStar) i was wondering what you thought about institute and nightmare of you?

(ToneStar) the albums

(walter) I am backing both of them, they're filled with my friends

(ToneStar) i think the NOY is great.

(ToneStar) and institute is a band of talented musicians and then gavin

(walter) I want to get the record i saw them live and I thought they were great

(Oh Contraire) i like noy also even though most stuff like that is not my thing i guess it's like a guilty pleasure

(kevtv) ok i got to get back to work, thanks for your time walter, will def. be catching a knitting factory show...goodnight

(walter) word

(triebsand) 2 parts= Your Favorite Live venue

(place) Your favoroite performance ever

(song) Mine is mid-late 90's you with Quicksand when I lived on Colorado- Boulder, You changed my life

(walter) I loved The academy in NYC, it's been knocked down, it was a really classy theatre for a rock band to play

(walter) and I have had a lot of great shows it's hard to pick one, I also really love Brixton Academy in the UK

(Gnappo72) hehehehh...i'm ready for a few of spaghetti questions

(Gnappo72) ^_^

(mywar) hmmmmmmm pasta

(walter) pumpkin ravioli please

(mywar) yuck

(dosi) o so good...

(walter) correct

(Oh Contraire) alright here goes walter when is your birthday we need to know for a new holiday, and the unreleaed rival schools record that’s b-sides or the second full length?

(walter) my b-day is march 10 and I've been talking to RS dudes to make something happen with a release

(rob) is that going to come out on island?

(mywar) will there be a reunion show to celebrate?

(walter) There is unreleased material from 04 that has held up very well

(Oh Contraire) haha march 10th

(Oh Contraire) almost a month before mine

(ToneStar) my birthday is march 9!

(Oh Contraire) mines april 9th!

(ToneStar) pisces unite!

(dan sullivan) that song that goes 'its been so long since i have seen you' is one of my favorites

(lackthelustre) 3/7 here

(walter) I think a celebration would be in order

(Oh Contraire) oh so it is the second full length with traynor?

(Oh Contraire) i wasn't sure if it would be that or the b-sides like requiem, accept the compliment, get center, daydream, etc

(ToneStar) "see what you got"

(mywar) Are you looking to rejuvinate Rival Schools with a possible long term goal, or just put the book end on the project?

(walter) In order to get that material out it might be a good idea to include that stuff in one package, what do you think?

(Oh Contraire) of course

(Kevin) i'd buy that in a split second

(mywar) YES.. b-sides, 2nd record and a bonus live disc would do it justice

(ToneStar) YES

(Gnappo72) you have to put out ALL rival schools stuff recorded..i fucking want ALL from RS

(Oh Contraire) you could get like rougly 22 tracks easy

(walter) I want to get more of my unreleased stuff out and the RS stuff is sitting there so I think it will be positive to let it see the light of day,

(dosi) I think it would complete the whole void that we've been missing in terms of Rival Schools. That would be an amazing package. I can just picture the layout and photos now!!! *excited*

(Gnappo72) yeah..totally..i will buy two copies of it..one for me and one to give like a present

(walter) I am most interested in my current stuff and promoting that, I figure releasing the other material will help me do that as well as being a good thing for people to hear


(rob) speaking of unreleased material, will we ever see Moondog? and i'd like to petition that you record distance

(dosi) I agree. I totally look forward to the future of your music Walter.

(walter) You guys are getting me really psyched for it!

(dosi) ha ha nice.

(Gnappo72) Yeah..i'm very addicted from WC stuff man........

(Oh Contraire) i'd buy 5, one for each of my vehicles including the company truck, and one for my home stereo system

(walter) awesome, I'll make sure it's worth it

(Kevin) has anyone ever thought of a sort of anthology book

(q1) im a pisces too, march 4.

(Gnappo72) My questions are about WC too

(mywar) I know it must be hard to always hear the same thing "When is this coming out, etc..." especially when you are focused on moving forward.. but Walter, the only way to move past it, is to get it all out. .

(Gnappo72) My questions are about WC too

(Oh Contraire) i missed the pisces by 3 weeks or something

(walter) I'll get distance out hook or crook this year, it's been under wraps long enough

(Kevin) with dates and where certain songs were recorded

(Gnappo72) is there a new guitar player in the band or you will be continue like a power trio?

(walter) I love being pisces

(walter) A trio for the time being, we are really enjoying the room and I get to play more guitar

(dosi) o god I can't wait for that!!! I love the version GB did of Distance on the NYHC video from I think 92?? The one with Ag Front and SOIA on it as well.

(Oh Contraire) i love the sea so i'm like an overdue pisces

(mywar) what happened with JJ?

(walter) We did that on our last tour or so

(walter) JJ is still a good friend and an amazing g player but it was not working out being in the band together anymore

(Oh Contraire) i kinda like the gb live version more, i love the moondog version, but i dunno maybe it's something about a live set, and the breakdown-ish part in the gb version

(walter) the breakdown was kind of reggae metal in the GB version, the moondog is more Metallica

(Gnappo72) walter...do you plan on playing all the guitars on the next record?

(Oh Contraire) reggae metal haha

(walter) that's what I'm planning, don't worry I can do it!

(dosi) the GB stop and go guitar to bass to guitar breakdown was seriously the sickest. It's my fave to play air guitar to…

(Oh Contraire) i can see the parallel now that I think of it

(Gnappo72) Hhahahahha...I'm shure about that man!!!!!

(Gnappo72) you are my only fucking hero!!!

(Oh Contraire) while we're on the subject of guitars, and walking concert walter did you play the acoustic parts on run to be born? or JJ? or maybe both of you?

(walter) well I am able to leap tall buildings

(mywar) Walter, I know it's difficult to always be nagged about releasing old material, when you are focused on the new... but there is only way around it... you have to open the closet and put it all out :)

(Oh Contraire) it's obvious that there is lots of acoustic in there as well as electric

(walter) JJ is pretty easy to find, his guitar is very unique sounding with reverb and delay, I played the majority of the guitars he added a lot of the extra flavor crystals

(Oh Contraire) personally i love the acoustic parts on the album because it's actual playing. sometimes when you get acoustic, and electric in the same mix it makes for a lot of strumming

(Oh Contraire) i've noticed the similarity in tom capone, ian love, and jj's guitar sound

(q11) so have u actually recorded stuff for the new wc album yet. i know after the last tour u said u might go in the studio right after that. has anything been recorded yet?

(walter) I think you're right about getting my material out

(dan sullivan) i kinda thought that traynor was kinda like tc3, more than the other dudes. with the two note bendy solos

(rob) Walter, is there any chance of producing the next hot water music record and return them to their former glory?

(walter) That's how I generally work with the guitarists I recorded with, I like for them to have room to color while preserving my main ideas

(walter) I'd love to do another HWM record, someone recently told me they were calling it quits, I hope not

(mywar) Who would you love to produce?

(Oh Contraire) i thought they broke up a while ago, but maybe i'm wrong

(rob) apparently they're on hiatus

(Oh Contraire) ahh

(codo) chuck i think is just taking a break, and while he does the rest play in the draft

(Oh Contraire) that makes sense

(Gnappo72) they lost a member...now 3 of them have a new band..i don't remember the name

(codo) the draft

(Gnappo72) exactly

(codo) but i think they will return

(walter) I would like to produce a Zack De La Rocha solo album

(Gnappo72) not a HWM fan anyway

(mywar) did you hear he was asked to join the Bad Brains?

(walter) he'd be crazy to do that

(q11) i think zach could totally use your expertise walter.

(walter) that's what i'm sayin

(codo) so walter, what does "run to be born" mean. a more personal thing or has it something to do with music? like that you had to experience a lot to get where you are?

(Gnappo72) zack seems me a bluff...sorry if you are a fan.....

(q11) tell him to get off his butt and record. people want to hear something new from him.

(dan sullivan) i dont think bloodclot will be that good at it. though he'll have more energy than HR

(Oh Contraire) maybe this isn't possible but a walter produced bold record!

(rob) with all of these reunions, walter, ever consider a project X reunion. Haha

(walter) It mainly sounds nice, but it's sort of a continuation of the theme in "Fazer" Also, it's about starting something new which I always seem to be doing

(walter) no need for that

(Oh Contraire) hey walter this is something i have always pondering, do you have a day job? or are you basically able to get by doing some, and all your other projects?

(Oh Contraire) some meaning some records

(Gnappo72) nice question

(walter) Luckily I am able to get by on royalties, projects and periodic financial upswings

(mywar) How is your soundtrack material coming along... please give us details....

(Oh Contraire) oh thats wonderful i'd love to do that someday

(q11) u read my mind Mywar

(supergenius) hey walter, just wanted to say that one of my fav memories is interviewing you for a zine in Atlanta

(Oh Contraire) cause you always hear about guys in the bands you listen to being teachers, businessmen, rental car agents!, travel agents!

(supergenius) if you had to pick one song to play for everyone that kind of summed up you, what would it be?

(Gnappo72) wally went down

(Oh Contraire) oh yeah he did!

(mywar) this chat room in sensitive

(mywar) easy to disconnect

(Oh Contraire) i remember this happening during the last chat

(dan sullivan) haha somehow I’ve avoided that

(mywar) yeah, not as bad as last time, but still an "issue"

(Gnappo72) guys..i'm a bit disappointed to the american record labels..it's crazy that bands like WC, Solea, Cardia and others have problems to find an home!!!!

(codo) by the way: what's the best way to peel an orange?

(dan sullivan) that solea record was pretty good

(Oh Contraire) oh yeah the solea record is solid

(codo) solea is just awesome

(walter) hello I"m back

(Oh Contraire) garrett, and sergie in a band thats like two guys from two of my favorite bands

(mywar) * * * Walter, how much more time do we have with you * * * ? ?

(codo) welcome back walter

(q11) i was pleasantly surprised to hear not one but two rs songs in the movie first descent. did u get a chance to see the movie?

(Kevin) what is solea?

(walter) I'll hang for another fifteen, I've got movie plans with my girlfriend

(Oh Contraire) when i found out a few years back sergie from samiam, and garrett from texas is the reason were doing a band together i was like ''damn this has gotta be good''

(Gnappo72) great....Walter...when will start the recording process for your 2 albums?

(Oh Contraire) you know what? that knocks a good question out

(Oh Contraire) does walter have a girlfriend?

(walter) In the next month

(Oh Contraire) haha

(DropEtoD) Good morning ladies and gentlemen... joining now, I know it's late but I slept...

(codo) will your solo album constist of original walter song or will there be older songs as well?

(Oh Contraire) walter are you still friendly with the quicksand guys?

(walter) yes, she's wonderful

(DropEtoD) Just this: how was Germany in December for WC all in all?

(walter) With Tom and Serge, not Al

(walter) I loved our German tour, I want to live in Berlin at some point

(q11) did u see First Descent, walter?

(codo) a, you have to live in cologne

(Oh Contraire) seems as if a lot of people from those days aren't very friendly with Cage anymore

(mywar) Have you ever considered inviting TC3 to jam acoustic with you for a show or just a song?

(walter) I was at the premeire in NYC, I was floored

(I'd like to do more of that kind of thing

(Kevin) good question

(q11) nice

(Gnappo72) where you will record the 2 new records???

(walter) that's a good idea

(rob) Walter, i read an interview with tc3 and he mentioned that you guys were working together on something?

(Oh Contraire) that would be cool tc3 jamming with Walter

(codo) who is tc3?

(Oh Contraire) especially if it's a non quicksand related thing

(Gnappo72) tom capone

(Oh Contraire) tom capone the third

(walter) really? he hasn't told me yet

(Gnappo72) hahahahhahah

(mywar) you can always count on your ubw friends to point you in the right

(if not new) direction lol

(Oh Contraire) there was a topic on the board about a year ago you guys gotta remember

(Oh Contraire) it was right before news of the bold reformation

(Gnappo72) probably it was only a fan rumor

(Oh Contraire) walter, tom, and drew starting a new band

(Oh Contraire) yeah i didn't really believe it either

(Gnappo72) yeah..i remember

(Gnappo72) but it was a joke

(walter) Last I talked to Tom he was very excited about the bold reunion

(Oh Contraire) i've read from tom that he, and drew play together on the side

(walter) they used to

(q11) have u seen arty shephard and fires yet walter?

(Oh Contraire) bold was pretty tight the 3 times i have seen them

(Oh Contraire) since they been back

(Gnappo72) sorry to repeat..but...where will you record the new 2 albums?? To House of Love maybe??

(walter) i haven't I wanted to see them a few days ago but I found out late

(Oh Contraire) i saw fires pshh was it last month or november?

(Oh Contraire) i did too!

(q11) i want to see them too

(Oh Contraire) i thought it was thursday, but it was Wednesday

(mywar) To make sure Walter doesn't miss the movie... any last questions?

(Kevin) what movie?

(Oh Contraire) walter is your hair still long?

(walter) I want to record it myself as much as possible but I expect to work with Ian as well

(Oh Contraire) haven't seen you or any recent pictures

(walter) never been longer

(Oh Contraire) haven't seen any pictures since i was at the gb reunion

(rob) walter, what's this movie soundtrack we've been hearing about?

(Oh Contraire) even longer than quicksand? Haha

(dosi) Walter I just want to say thanks for doing this we really appreciate it.

(codo) will there be only new original walter recordings on your solo album or older stuff as well?

(Oh Contraire) yes thanks for your time

(walter) my pleasure

(Gnappo72) here is 03.20..hehheheheheh

(Oh Contraire) we gotta do it again soon, but we know you're starting off what seems to sound like a very busy, and interesting year

(Gnappo72) i have to get up in 3/4 hours

(walter) I'm in the process of picking the songs, I have so many

(Oh Contraire) oh yeah one more

(walter) bono note gnappo

(DropEtoD) yeah, 03.20 and you guys are to fast for me

(Oh Contraire) walter will walking concert play any shows soon in nyc?

(Oh Contraire) before the german tour in march i guess

(walter) In march, it will be fresh and exciting for 06

(DropEtoD) nice to hear!

(DropEtoD) very nice!

(Oh Contraire) thats great haven't seen you guys since july i guess

(dan sullivan) i just want to throw out that walter you should think about playing CT. i bet alot of people would come out.

(mywar) Walter... it means a lot to all of us that you take the time to chat . . . .

(Oh Contraire) was it the mercury maybe i think

(q11) thank you walter

(codo) thanks walter

(walter) I'll be booking more shows this week and I'll make sure UBW knows what's up

(mywar) hope you come to all of our cities, so we can thank you with a cold Stella Artois toast

(walter) fuck yeah!

(walter) I think I'm gonna get going now

(Oh Contraire) alright good night, and thanks once again

(mywar) Good night everyone!

(q11) thanks walter and Mywar

(walter) let's do this again sooner maybe in a few weeks

(Gnappo72) ok...have a good time...and write all the news you have for us

(Oh Contraire) thanks to mywar, and others behind this

(dosi) Have a good night. thanks mywar.

(DropEtoD) Thanks, good night to everybody, thanks Walter, thanks Mywar...

(q11) definitely. have fun at the movies.

(Oh Contraire) great i'm down in a few weeks!

(walter) thank you all!