Celtic Frost Monothesis   Devastating on every possible level. A magnificient and massive powerhouse that redefines "heavy".
Kate Bush Aerial Sony A thought-provoking cozy blanket, stunning in its simplicity and warmth. Truly fantastic.
Gary Numan Jagged Metropolis His voice rules. I just long for less "modern" sounds and more "futuristic".
Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan Ballad of the Broken Sea V2 Mark Lanegan sounds great, the rest is saddly just bland, boring and ordinary.
Some Girls Heavens Pregnant Teens Epitaph Bite sized brutality melded together into a fist pumping monosyllabic violent noisy assault.
Venom Metal Black Sanctuary Metal Black is all primal effort, making it equally kick ass and endearing.
Alarm MMVI Under Attack EMI Int'l Like watered down Maker's Mark, this lacks the flavor and bite thats expected.
Solea (ex Samiam, Texas Is The Reason) Solea Textbook Although not as earth-shattering as it's parts, this is solid and true.

1. The Darkness "To Hell And Back Again"
2. The Unsane "Blood Run"
3. The White Stripes "Get Behind Me Satan"
5. Judas Priest "Angel Of Retribution"
6. (international) Noise Conspiracy "Armed Love"
7. Oceansize "Everyone Into Position"
8. Renee Heartfelt "The Death Of The Ghost"
9. The Lords "Swords"
10. The Constantines "Tournament of Hearts"
11. Chariots "Congratulations"
12. The Evens "The Evens"
13. JR Ewing " Maelstrom"
14. New Model Army "Carnival"
15. Kate Bush "Aerial"
16. Robert Plant "Mighty Rearranger"
17. Trail of Dead "Worlds Apart"

18. Angels Of Light "Sing Other People

19. Bob Mould "Body of Song"

20. Antony and The Johnsons "I Am A Bird Now"

Renee Heartfelt The Death Of The Ghost Textbook Phenomenal powerhouse that overflows with emotional anthems. A unique diamond cut from (quick)sand
New Model Army Carnival Attack Attack Yet another stunning album permeating with Justin Sullivan's wondrous conviction and staggering delivery.
All American Rejects Move Along Interscope I reject every second of this cd. Move along and outta my life!
Attractive (ex Snapcase and 6 going on 7) Attractive EP Welcome Home Snappy songs exentuated with vibrance and accents. This is a train worth jumping.
Institute Distort Yourslelf Interscope It is not as bad or as good as it could have been.
Gorgol Bordello Gypsy Punks Side One Dummy "A" for effort....unfortunately this is a band that sounds better on paper.
Sigur Ros Takk Geffen A mood enducing musical whirlwind. Calming yet entrancing enough to make you hyperventilate.
David Bowie + Arcade Fire Wake Up (from Fashion Rocks) T.V. Oh my god that was fucking amazing!! I want to marry that performance!
Bayside Bayside Victory Teen angst lyrics sang like an American Idol. I don't believe a word
Avenged Sevenfold City of Evil Warner Brothers Biggest poser album this year. This is not metal, or punk, it's shit!
Medications Your Favorite People All In One Place Dischord Clue: Ex Members of Faraquet being aMUSEd AT THE DRIVE IN by LUNGFISH.
The Dan Band Live Side One Dummy Novelty act that makes Me First and the Gimme Gimme's sound like Zeppelin.
Dropkick Murphy's The Warrior's Code Hellcat Another fine batch of uplifting hard-hitting melodies. Lift a pint and cheer!
400 Blows Angel's Trumpets and Devil's Trombones GSL Minimalistic, primal and noisy. This band captures the purity of unforced emotional power.
Lungfish Feral Hymns Dischord Slow churning elegance that evolves from repetition and focus. Buy all their albums!
Team Sleep Team Sleep Maverick Chino's perfect circle. For those who think his vocals are dreamy... like me!
Limp Bizkit The Unquestionable Truth V.1 Geffen The musical definition of "crap". Rock's worst band doing it worse than ever.
Robert Plant & the Strange Sensations Mighty Rearranger Sanctuary His voice is gonna make you sweat, music is gonna make you groove!
Coldplay X & Y Capital Like an Old Navy white shirt, it fits good, it's just so.... gappy
The Life and Times Suburban Hymns DeSoto A shoe gazing shine(r) that completely captivates, as its waves wash over you.
Mark Lanegan Bubblegum Beggars Banquet A fiercely dark album of great words and melodies. Lanegan's voice is truth.
Bob Mould Body Of Song Yep Roc Records Thankfully, the rock and the stressed voice are back. Not 100% but enough.
P.S. Double Standard PS Enthralling album of mood enducing arty songs entwined with a unique vulnerable voice.
White Stripes Get Behind Me Satan V2 Charming and fresh album I got behind once I heard the "doorbell" ringing.
Bruce Dickinson Tyranny Of Souls Sancturary Better than Maiden was without him, but not as good as Maiden with him.
Chariots Congratulations Troubleman Wreckless and noisey, pulsating and punchy, catchy and riveting... this is the bomb!
T.S.O.L. Who's Screwing Who? Nitro Albums of "re-recorded classics" are lame, but these songs are so good... forgiven
The Evens The Evens Dischord A bitter lemonade initially, but now I sip and enjoy... ahhhh refreshingly sweet!
Jim Camaco Stalker Songs TMG Records One of the most emotive voices ever does his obligatory boring acoustic album.
Le Tigre This Island Universal Certainly not killing anything or starting anything new, but it's a decent party
Gameface Four To Go Revelation A stellar, painful "goodbye" album. They certainly left on the highest note. Shame..
McClusky The Difference Between You & Me Is That I'm Not On Fire Too Pure Frenzied and dynamic second album that is has wings of ugly and crazy beauty.
Corrosion of Conformity In The Arms Of God Sanctuary Moving more into the swamps and away from anything anyone should care about.
Unsane Blood Run Relapse This is stronger than King Kongs heart. Beats and bleeds. Screams and leads.
Cy Curnin (the Fixx singer) Mayfly Rainman Cy's voice is a beacon that cuts through the ordinary songs and shines.
Clutch Robot Hive: Exodus Rte / Drt With so many great rock jams, they should now be annoited GOD status.
Concrete Blonde Mojave Eleven Thirty Everything I like about Concrete Blonde is missing on "Mojave". Avoid the desert!
Bruce Springsteen Devils and Dust Sony Well it sure does suck when the big man ain't in the band.
Nine Inch Nails With Teeth Interscope A bit more scaled back, wisely showing more organinc snarling than machine force.
Paint It Black Paradise Jade Tree A new brutality fueled with sounds of living a lifetime raising black flags.
Audioslave Out Of Exile Interscope Is this a Bad English album? So misguided, a pitiful waste of talent.
Tony Iommi / Glenn Hughes Fused Sanctuary A great riff-rock album, with songs that remind you Ozzy is not Sabbath.
The Black Maria Lead Us To Reason Victory Ex-Grade singer's lame album that sounds worse than the bands Grade once influenced.
Judas Priest Angel Of Retribution Sony Korn guitarist heard this, realized he sucks, and quit... HAIL THE METAL GODS!
A Frames Black Forest Sub Pop Incredibly stupid. Unforgivably tenth rate garbage that's even worse than Family Circus cartoons.
7 Seconds Take It Back, Take It On, Take It Over Side One Dummy My heart swells and races with every beat. Strong after all these years!
Peter Searcy Couch Songs Initial God I hate this "couch folk" idea, put his voice pulls it off
Tony Iommi + Glen Hughes 1996 DEP Sessions (8th Star) Sanctuary Overshadowed by Ozzy / Dio, these two sound fucking amazing together. Soulful-Sabb- Rock!
Loved Ones Loved Ones EP Jade Tree I mean, c'mon they have an acoustic song... disappointingly average, expected alot more!
Mars Volta Frances The Mute Universal More spaced out and spazed out mambo from the 'fro's. I dig it.
Earl Greyhound Earl Greyhound EP Some Records Classic rock vibe. Dashes of personality and kick make it "refreshing" not "rehashing".
Autolux Future Perfect Red Ink This was buddyheads top LP of 2004. Their review's pretty damn right on.
Gratitude Gratitude Atlantic Stunning and brilliant. Not enough hours in the day to listen to it.
......Trail of The Dead World's Apart Interscope ..and you will know us by our trail of great albums like this!
Mando Diao Hurricane Bar Mute Went fishing for some glam sounds, ended up catching a flat tire. BORING!
Arcade Fire Funeral Merge A neighborhood you think you know, only to find new things each visit.
Alva Star Escalator Princess Records Mellow 70's radio vibe with vocals that are sugary and make you sway.
The Sound Jeopardy Renascent Where has this band been all my life? A real new wave masterpiece!
Blues Explosion Damage Sanctuary Played out big beats. They had a good idea, like a decade ago....
Autolux Future Perfect Red Ink This was buddyheads top LP of 2004. Their review's pretty damn right on.
Flogging Molly Within A Mile Of Home Side One Dummy Sounded pretty good while drunk, the next day with coffee... not so good.
Kid Dakota The West Is The Future Chairkickers A record that plays more like a book of psuedo-intellectual short stories.
Bright Eyes I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning Saddle Creek His most consistent album to date. Less highs, but no lows: Solid throughout.
Bright Eyes Digital Ash Saddle Creek Slightly different canvas, same colorful voice and melodies . Should have gone more Basquiat.
Twilight Singers She Loves You One Little Indian Dulli's soulful voice "covers" you like a warm bath on a cold night
Roses Are Red Conversations Trustkill ....violets are blue, I smashed this in little pieces when I was through!
The Firebird Band The City At Night Bifocal Media They had me at hello last time, but I'm saying goodbye this time
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Abattoir Blues / Lyre of Orpheus Anti Double the dose of enigmatic music and astonishing melodies. Much better than "Nocturama"
Isis Panoptican Ipecac Full of spendor and confrontation, this is truly brutal and yet completly engaging.
Gwar War Party Dirt Solid soundtrack to conquer the world, hosing everyone with blood. Don't wear white.
Tom Waits Real Gone Epitaph His new whiskey lovin' howling mule is branded with turntables, beats and hispanicana.
The Exit Home For An Island Some The scooter mod was replaced by a laid back moped... both good rides
Voodoo Glow Skulls Adiccion Tradicion Y Revolucion Victory Am I evil? I hear the horns and I laugh... can't help it.
Renee Heartfelt Magdalene Limekiln Records The 'sand sound we adore with passionate vocals and heartfelt emotions in motion!
Pleasure Club (featuring James Hall) Fugitive Kind Purified Ex Mary My Hope. This is the soundtrack of the future. TOTAL PLEASURE!
These Enzymes The Henry EP Doghouse Sorry Ma, I forgot to throw this piece of crap in the trash!
Olympic Hopefuls The Fuses Refuse To Burn 2024 Records Wearing snazzy track suits while writing catchy songs.. pretty damn easy to swallow.
Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez A Manual Dexterity - Soundtrack, Vol. 1 GSL Can somebody please tell me how and why records like this are released?
Converge You Feel Me Epitaph Today's The Day's willpower meets Neurosis's pain.. A frightenly powerfully knockout punch record.
Anthrax The Greater of Two Evils Sanctuary Pumped up new versions of old Belladonna / Tupin classics.. a damn fun listen.
Mendoza Line Fortune Bar/None If you read No Depression, this is definitely a fortune you want read.
Happy Sincerely Without Wax Double Plus Good Catchy and hooky, in every way. Strained vocals ignite the primitive, gyrating rythyms.
Reeve Oliver 1800 Feet Polyester Militia Group This is worse than anything Winger ever recorded.. even worse than Crazy Town.
Futureheads Futureheads Sire The funnest and coolest parts of the 80's coliding with The Clash: RAD!
The Nervous Return Wake Up Dead LaSalle Like a televised version of a great book... missing the best part = emotion
U2 How To Dismante An Atom Bomb Interscope Not as vibrant as the single suggested. It's smart, sweeping, exhilarating yet smooth.
Isidore Isidore Brash Music Church / Remy Zero collaboration lifts you up with coaxing vocals and soundtrack music.
Burning Brides Leave No Ashes V2 Have your heard the news? There is good rockin' tonight! Up the Brides!
Social Distortion Sex, Love and Rock n' Roll Time Bomb Some of their best stuff. Staying strong despite age, death and life. Powerful!
Owen I Do Perceive Polyvinyl Lame ass songs. They attempt to sound edgy by cursing.. Complete "confessional" crap!
Aqui The First Trip Out Ace Fu Pretentious art punk, the music equivalent of mimes... oh how I hate mimes!
Shanghai Vallentine Shanghai Vallentine EP Ghostwood I love this band (insert Misfits "whoa-oh" here) great late 80's punk sound.
Helmet Size Matters Interscope It was once Helmets' world, we just lived in it.. can't go back.
Kane Hodder The Pleasure To Remain So Heartless Suburban Home Nothing to hold onto, too many cooks spoil the brew.. overcooked, bland, heartless
Walking Concert "Run To Be Born" Some Records The kinda record you'll listen to your entire life. United by Walter, indeed!!!
Instruction "God Don't Care" Geffen The best Nu Modern Rock album you'll ever listen to. Modern Rock???? Capone solos!!!
Dio "Master Of The Moon" Sanctuary Good news: album = tour. Bad news: worst album of a thirty year career.
Various Artists "Neurot Recordings 1" Neurot Proof positive: Neurot is a true force. Beyond music, this is a movement!
Death Threat "Now Here Fast" Triple Crown The lowest common demoninator, metal tough guy punk. Absolutely nothing of value here.
Only Crime "To The Nines" Fat Wreck Chords Bill Stevenson + Good Riddance + Bane = collectively sounding like what you would imagine, THANKFULLY
C.aarme' "C.aarme" Burning Heart Driving and dictating low-end pushes their Dillinger Four/RFTC/Refused international vibe
Planes Mistaken For Stars "Up In Them Guts" No Idea Upping the power with each release. This is no holds barred Plane Rock!!!
Retisonic "Return To Me" Silverthree This is downright amazing. Sounds like a rejuvinated, amped up, kick ass Bluetip!!
Human Television "All Songs Written By" Gigantic Sugary 80's catchy pop that doesn't contain a single original idea. Purely lame.
Funeral For A Friend "Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversations" Ferret Bringing the best of both worlds, they make the phrase Metal Emo palatable.
Bloc Party "Bloc Party EP" Din Mak Syncopated Gang/Radio 4 stylings. Lots of variety in five songs. Hand claps!
The Eventide "Last Days of Stereo" Romance One foot in Quicksand, the other running towards new fields, this is powerful.
Eighteen Visions "Obsession" Sony / Trustkill Just a bit too pretty. It's shamful that some great parts go wasted.
Keane "Hopes and Fears" Interscope Hi, I work for Interscope. We're looking for bands that sound like Coldplay....
Libertines "Libertines" Rough Trade The latest soundtrack to their soapopera, shows they lost the spirit and attack.
Constantines Debut album: Re-issue Sub Pop Total rock-n-roll bliss. An updated version of our favorite 80's replacements-type bands.
Kill Radio "Raised On Whipped Cream" Columbia Like S.T.U.N. before them, it's so horrible I'm at a loss for words.
Engine Down "Engine Down" Lookout Records Syncopated rythmns, droning guitars, sweet sounding vocals.. a bit commercial this time around.
TV On The Radio "Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes" Touch & Go Distinctive voice slithers through jagged-repetitive arrangements. Creating a truly moving listening experience
Channels "Open" Desoto There should be monuments erected to honor J.Robbins. This EP should be forgotten.
The Break "Handbook For the Hopeless" Ferret A bit more settled than previous recordings. Nice Samiam type rock still delivers.
Motorhead "Inferno" Sanctuary Still louder than everyone else. Motorhead consistently delivers every single time. Lemmy rules!
Head Automatica "Decadence" Warner Brothers Grove-y Glassjaw side project. Good break beats with splashes of this and that.
Say Anything "It's A Real Boy" Doghouse I have absolutely nothing good to say about this shitty piece of garbage.
Action Action "Don't Cut Your Fabric To This Years Fashion" Victory Their fabric was cut in 1982. Synth-Popemo. Dance, scream, dance, scream... sweat.
The Datsuns "Outta Sight / Outta Mind" V2 They have energy and they rawk, but it's just missing that special something.
Das Oath "Das Oath" Din Mak The sound of urgency - - A screaming loud, fast emergeny! Wake up the neighbors!!!!
Monty Love "Girls Are the New Boys" Immigrant Sun Remember that "punk" band in highschool that didn't get "it"? This is them.
Clinic "Winchester Cathedral" Domino Oh Clinic, how I love thee.... don't ever change a thing! Again, Again!!
Scatter The Ashes "Devout / The Modern Hymn" Epitaph Dispite good drumming, this is essentially a boring, hippy, trippy, quasi-screamy stretch.
The New Transit Direction "Wonderful Defense Mechanisms" Some Records Salt Lakers jaw box some hot snakes and come out with a victory.
IQU "Sun Q" Sonic Boom Really bad quirky "we want to be The Waitresses" trite garbage. Delete, delete.
Har Mar Superstar "The Handler" Record Collection If you have the Saturday Night Fever, this just might be your 'thang.
Elevator Divistion "Years" Second Nature Sporting a medium paced 80's progressive rock sound... it's friendly and not distinguishable.
Today Is The Day "Kiss The Goat" Relapse Steve Austin scares me! Scathing, brutal, brain melting blasts. I miss "Willpower"days.
Secret Machines "Kiss The Goat" Relapse Not unique at all, but it does have that Flaming Lips drum sound...
Janus "Armor" Janus A pretty standard issue rock sound at times spurts bright spots of promise.
Hot Rod Circuit "Reality's Coming Through" Vagrant Another dose of easy to swallow geek-rock, a poor man's Jimmy Eat World.
Elvis Costello "North" Universal Kept falling asleep while listening to this. Diane Krall stole his rock-n-roll heart
Hott Beat "A Hot Mess Parxysm Numan-esque keyboards lead the grrrrl sound that has a definitely killer bikini wave.
Lords "The House That Lords Built Initial Short songs burst out of this Louisville band like firecrackers on the 4th.
Mystic Chords of Memory "Mystic Chords of Memory" Rough Trade Sounds like stoners around a campfire. I'd put the marshmellows in my ears.
For Stars "It Falls Apart" Future Farmer Instantly endearing vocals lead their tender, dark, enchantng sound. Comes across as uplifting.
Coliseum "Coliseum" Level Plane Black Cross guitarist leads this Motorhead type crossover band into the power zone.
Guttermouth "Eat Your Face" Epitaph All that's funny, is how bad and by the numbers the music is.
Dek "Boner" Finger Records Kids! 13-16 bring the OC sound pretty damn well - pretty damn impressive.
Various Artists "Metaphysics for Beginners" Redder Records 18 good bands, but it's all about the unplugged song by The Ghost.
The Concretes "The Concretes" Astralwerks Portis-Deal-esque vocals with a definite love of 60's teen love vibe.
Ministry "House of the Mole'" Sanctuary Scraping the bottom of the barrell. Hard to believe they were once good.
Traindodge "The Truth" Ascetic Has great Shiner type grooves, but comes up short in the vocal department.
Mission of Burma "On Off On" Matador How does it happen? 20 years later, they come back and kill everyone.
Gary Young's Hospital (ex Pavement) "The Grey Album" Omnibus I'd rather shove pencils in my ears than ever listen to this again!
Hint Hint "Young Day" Suicide Squeeze Well alright, this is damn good. Off kilter vocals. Tragically Lungfishy and Hip
Pleasant Stitch "Capacitar"   Sacriledge - They wreck the holy grail Rites of Spring "Theme", why oh why?
Squad Five - 0 "Late Breaking News" Capital Anothersimpleton, lame ass band that plays excruciatingly boring poppy lame ass music.
Sonic Youth "Sonic Nurse" Geffen Their best album in years. Pouring more fuel over their mid life sound.
Anodyne "Lifetime of Grey Skies" Level Plane Aggressive hyper noise with great drumming. Never pushes far enough to hold attention.
Voivod "War and Pain" re-issue Metal Blade 1983: this is what crossover was all about. A frigid, scary, heavy classic.
Maritime "Glassfloor" Desoto The musical equivalent of watching grass grow. Even paint drying sounds more exciting.
Bad Religion "The Empire Strikes Back" Epitaph They're pissed again, so they rock again! Their most powerful record in years!
Good Life "Lovers Need Lawyers" EP Saddle Creek Holy shit, this truly sucks! Pull the plug, this life ain't worth livin'!!!!
Amen "Death Before Musick" Columbia Attempting to combine old school and new school, should go back to school.
The Thermals "Fuckin A' Sub Pop Wow, wow, wow. A rowdy and fast musical bomb. It's fuckin a awesome.
Communique "Poison's Arrow" Lookout! Their pseudo intellectual sound lacks bite and pretty much any redeeming qualities whatsoever.
Neurosis "The Eye of Every Storm" Neurot Cascading calm moments with lurking thunder and lightning. This is the perfect storm!
PJ Harvey "Uh Huh Her" Island Raw and beautiful, brooding and howling. Skeletal recordings, expose her soulful musical remedy.
Despistado "The Emergency Response" EP Jade Tree This is the real deal. Jubilant refreshing sound that's infectious, rocking and catchy.
Black Cat Music "October November" Lookout! Randy Batezore's voice is a national treasure. Words ring with conviction and humanity.
Black Cross "Windows Bloody Windows" Initial Essential collection of previous singles from Louisville punk heroes. Buy "Art Offensive" too!
Black Dice "Creature Comforts" DFA You would be better off listening to the sound of a downtown bus stop.
The Ghost "This Pen Is A Weapon" Some Disturbed sing alongs fortified with pulsating experimental tirades fill this progressive second record.
!!! "Louden Up Now" Touch & Go These boogie shoes are tied together. The politics of dancing are getting stale.
Piebald "All Ears, All Eyes, All The Time" Side One Dummy Annoying voice sometimes less annoying and sometimes more, but this is annoying
Avoid One Thing "Chopstick Bridge" Side One Dummy More melodic second album. Retains their solid mature punk overtones. Slightly above average.
Various Artists Buddyhead Suicide Buddyhead Dillinger Escape Plan's "Rebel Yell", need I say more? Great bands, great songs!
Alice Donut "Three Sisters" Howler They once were unique and interesting, then they returned as this dull mess.
Black Eyes "Cough" Dischord A spastic, innovative and certainly interesting band. However, the replay level is low.
Xiu Xiu "Fabulous Muscles" 5 Rue Christine Strong and vulnerable voice soars over unique instrumentation.... Fragile, wavering voice envelopes you
The Matches "E Van Dahl Killed The Locals" Epitaph A "Brand New" tribute band? This is HORRIBLE! Someone please make them stop!
Tight Phantomz "Night Fool" 5 song EP Southern Circus of Power with a bit of Shellac. Dianno vocals with riffs! Rawk!
Calla "Calla" re-issue w/3 live tracks. Arena Rock Sigur Waits music intertwined with whispers and unique instruments, like typewriters. Transfixing, smoldering
Trapdoor Fucking Exit "Be Not Content" No Idea Part Voivod, part Planes, part Unsane, part inexplicable. Total fucking power, total fucking brilliance
Fontiane Toups T.F.T. Teenbeat Versus solo effort. Diverse with questionable outcome. Best songs hint toward Concrete Blonde.
Waxburn "Hey Hey" CD Baby Jim Camacho has one of the greatest rock voices. Songs are mostly "average".
The Kicks "Hello Hong Kong" TVT Poppy, clean, watered down... you've heard it all before. Boring as a pet rock.
No Means No "Peoples Choice" compilation Ant Acid Audio Forgot how good they were. Sounds better today, than back in the day.
Boyskout "School of Etiquite" Alive Records Seem to base their sound on "Kids In America". Not Wild(e) about it.
Decahedron "Disconnection_Imminent" Lovitt 2 Frodus, 1 Fugazi: mathy, spacey and solid. Sort of what you'd expect
Bright Eyes / Neva Dinova [ep] "One Jug of Wine, Two Vessels" Crank They should have switched the wine with strong bourbon. This is uncharacteristically hum-drum
Icarus Line "Penance Soiree" V-2 Mesmerizing, pounding full-on punch. Melts your mind and then blows it away!
Bumblebeez 81 "Printz" Geffen Summer time super-fun distorto-dance that starts strong, but wears thin QUICKLY
Pedro The Lion "Archilles Heel" Jade Tree Owning one of "their" albums is enough, but this shouldn't be the one.
Your Enemies Friend "You Are Being Videotaped" Buddyhead Over the top AWESOME! Unparalleled in it's delivery, this is stirring and practically perfect!
Onelinedrawing "Volunteers" Jade Tree Spine tingling and moving. FINALLY, the awesome solo album Jonah's been hinting at.
Divison Of Laura Lee "Das Not Compute" Burning Heart There's amazing songs underneath the guitar fuzz. Shame we can barely hear it.
The Grails "Burden of Hope" Neurot Recordings Stunning instrumentals (like "the Dirty Three"). Filled with soul-stirring beauty and intrigue.
The Catheters "Howling It Grows & Grows" Sub Pop Definite differences, but still the same fast rockin' dirty punk. Reaching and succeeding.
Read Yello "Radios Burn Faster" Fenway Comparative to Guy's half of Fugazi with added dash's of noise. Unpredictably passionate.
No Choice "Dry River Fishing" No Idea Heard it all before. So incredibly average. Buy a Dillinger Four album instead
Brazil "How The West Was Won" Atlantic If you like Coheed, you will certainly dig this. Big improvement over EP
Some Action [ep] Gigantic Music On the Dead Boys tip, they bring the skinny tie punk, with good vocals.
Led Zeppelin "How The West Was Won" Atlantic Proves once and for all, Zeppelin defines "ROCK", and Jon Bonham is god.
Descendents "Cool to Be You" Epitaph An amazing pop punk "ALL" record that is actually a disappointing "DESCENDENTS" record
The Hold Steady "Almost Killed Me" French Kiss ex Lifter Puller: Great pop references, great songs, guitar solos. Rocks the soul!
Clutch "Blast Tyrant" Rte / Drt Same great grovin' and a rockin'. Somehow comes across different each time: Brilliant
Modest Mouse "Good News for..." Sony Strange rock. Taking their quirky noise into a new, more developed pop realm.
Probot "Probot" Southern Lord Tom Warrior, Snake, Lemmy, Cronos all deliver! Gotta give it up for Grohl!
Beauty Pill "Unsustainable Lifestyle" Dischord I cannot believe this is on Dischord. Extremely boring, sappy coffee house tra-la-la.
T.S.O.L. "Divided We Stand" Nitro A couple missteps, not much new, but it's damn solid and riveting nevertheless!
Snapcase "End Transmission" Victory Like pitbull brains that outgrow their skulls, Snapcase push the envelope and attack!
Gary Numan "Hybrid" 3xCD Special Edition Artful Do we need ANOTHER cd of new versions of old Numan songs? YES!
Sultans "Shipwrecked" Swami A new twist on the RFTC tip, less frantic, just as much fun!
Liars "They Were Wrong So We Drowned..." Mute Whoa! This isn't yesterday's Liars. Totally reinvented, totally wired. Not totally feeling it.
The Means "The Divine Right of the Means" DoublePlusGood Ex-Spivey lowers the noise a tad. Still rocks, so divinely. and so righteously!
Courtney Love "America's Sweetheart" Virgin Begins good. As a (w)hole, it's more of a mess than Courtney herself.
Salem "Love It or Leave Me" Fiddler/Geffen Catchy and emotional. Great vocals. Offers nothing new to the post punk genre.
S.T.U.N. "Evolution of Energy Geffen The worst band ever. The worst band ever. The worst band ever.... EVER!
Red Tape "Radioactivist" Roadrunner Political nu-punk-metal. Try hard but comes our overdone, yet completely vapid.
Challenger "Give People What They Want..." Jade Tree Powerful anthems from ex-Milemarker. So damn catchy, yet all over the place.