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Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus :


1/7 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club
1/8 Montreal, QC Corona Theatre
1/9 Toronto, ON Phoenix Concert Theatre
1/11 Detroit, MI St. Andrews Hall
1/12 Chicago, IL Metro
1/13 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
1/17 Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom*
1/18 Seattle, WA Showbox at the Market*
1/19 Portland, OR Wonder Ballroom*
1/21 San Francisco, CA Regency Ballroom*
1/22 Los Angeles, CA The Fonda Theatre*
1/25 San Diego, CA House of Blues*
1/28 Philadelphia, PA Union Transfer
1/29 Washington, DC Black Cat
1/30 New York, NY Webster Hall
*with Title Fight



10/10/12  - - - - Exclusive update from Walter for the faithful UBW-ers!


: : : : :


Dear U.B.Ws,


With GB, Rival Schools, solo shows and a reformed Quicksand it sure has been a wild ride. It’s been great to see U.B.W.’s at every event, reminds me of why I do what I do. Many thanks.


Of course I’ve been getting loads of Quicksand questions from friends and fans that I meet wondering what if anything is coming next. We came into this summer’s run of shows through a very natural if surprising turn of events and went into it with little expectation beyond having some fun being together and playing some of our favorite songs. And happy to say that’s exactly how it played out, we had a blast, really enjoyed hanging out with each other and we were amazed at reaction we received.


As cool as playing with Quicksand was, I can’t forget some other highlights of the summer such as This Is Hardcore festival in Philly*. I flew in from Berlin a few days before the festival to rehearse with GB. We had a blast as always and with the experience that comes with a longer post career than our actual initial run, I think we may have finally managed to nail the set list into perfection, feels good.


Rival Schools were also active with a much-appreciated tour of Australia. There are few places more beautiful and interesting to visit. We’re perfecting the three-piece line up, improvised a lot and played a few new songs each night. Although we don’t see them as often as we’d like, we have really great supportive fans there and each show had it’s own magic.

For all the excitement of the Australian tour I had some pretty serious jet lag to get over when I got back home. I saw Bruce Springsteen play the night I got back, which helped me stay up but it took my solo show in Clinton Mass. the next weekend to finally shake it. Having played with nearly every band I’ve ever been in this summer, my greatest hits chops are way up and so I decided to forgo new material and rip a straight hits sing along set, Clifton hugely obliged to party. Heard outside the club “that was the biggest thing to happen here since Jimmy Carter was here in the 70’s”. I’ll take that.


On the horizon I’m looking forward to support my friends at Revelation records this week for their Rev 25 NYC celebration at Irving Plaza. I’ve been getting emails and Facebook messages from friends all over the world that are coming out for it. Will be a lot catching up going on. I’m especially looking forward to see Cache from Rival Schools play with Iceburn and Drew Thomas from my solo band rock with Into Another, stoked.

Beyond that, I have a couple of solo shows brewing for the early winter but my main focus of the next few months is to get a new solo record finished for next year, like Morrissey says “these things take time”.  New Rival Schools is also in the works as are plans to release our so-called “unreleased album”. 


Also, for those who haven’t noticed, I updated my website and posted a couple of new recordings, “Street Fighting Woman” which I recorded with Dan Romano of Attack In Black fame and “Bicycle Song” which I often bust out at solo shows. Just to show there’s been some progress and to get my feet wet for more.


I hope you all had a great summer and I’m looking forward to see many of you again next year with some new music to share.


United Bye,





* I like to think that TIH is aware of the Pulp song of the same title; hardcore does have an interesting crossover with Brit pop after all.






11/14/11 :


A personal note from ubw administrator : mywar….  I started a blog called “Freezing Process – my lifelong journey towards hearing loss”.  Please give it a go if you have a few minutes to kill :


If you feel the desire to leave a comment, I’d sure appreciate it. 





11/11/11 Update from Walter :


Hi there UBW's,

I hope you're well and adjusting to the changing seasons…talk about change, how about those Rival Schools?

The tour in the US was just what  the doctor ordered. We missed having Ian around but it was really exciting to reinvent the songs and create a new dynamic and fresh energy between the three of us. I rediscovered how much i love to play guitar and I learned how to use effects pedals, by the end of the tour I was getting good!

I'm very excited to make a new record with this line up, we've already come up with a bunch of material during the sound checks. It was great to see some of you out and supporting us on the road.

Wish we could have made it out to Minneapolis to see My War but we made the best of it…funny thing, we listened to “My War” by Black Flag in the van a few times on this tour, in my best Paul Rudd as John Lennon in Walk Hard imitation "great record".

Speaking of great records, I've been coming down the home stretch on my next solo record "Jesus Is My Favorite Beatle". I'm planning to finish up in December, look for a release in the Spring. I've got it in my head to put some work into my website and post some songs in advance, I'll certainly be playing some shows and I have been playing some songs from it. It's more rootsy, borderline (don't be scared) country record for me. I'm really happy with the songs I have finished, expect a strong finish.

Other blurbs…I'll be going to South America with GB next week, Quicksand Slip is being re-pressed on vinyl, going to be in my friend Autrey from Trail Of Dead's movie as a fallen angel, Moondog on vinyl 10" in 2012, collaborating with Sondre Lerche on a soundtrack, I've discovered Miles Davis, obsessed with the Rolling Stones, enjoying the music of Kurt Vile and reading about the Civil War, can't wait to be finished with that.

I have a couple shows plane for Dec., one on the 9th in Ct. to celebrate my friends book "Live Suburbia" and another on the 17th at Maxwell's in Hoboken for the holiday vibe and to play with the band. Expecting to play a lot with Rival Schools next year, new websites, records, stuff.

So much to do, so little time…







2/14/11 Update


It’s time to rejoice – as most everyone in UBW land has heard - Rival Schools are back! Their new album 'Pedals' will be released on March 8th in the USA (March 7th in the UK). Album and limited edition colored vinyl preorder packages are available now at



Rival Schools has also announced a string of US tour dates in Early March followed by a full European tour with ... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead. US dates listed below. For more info visit

Mar 2 - Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL
Mar 5 - Brighton Music Hall, Allston, MA
Mar 6 - Rock N Roll Hotel, Washington, DC
Mar 7 - Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, PA
Mar 8 - Santos Party House, New York, NY
Mar 10 - Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ


(A Very Casual) Rival Schools Bio


by Mickey Sachs


“We’re getttin’ the band back together” - was that Jake to Elwood or Elwood to Jake? Reunited by fate or always united? They are back, hit the sack, Rival Schools, eight years later, with the follow up to the 2001 Island/Def Jam release United By Fate. This new release, entitled Pedals, is the band’s long awaited sophomore jammy. What were they doing all this time you ask? Practicing!!!! Nay nay nay… Truth be told, there was music played, a little together, mostly with others, there were marriages and spawn, international living situations, crops harvested, things whittled and all that jargon. The “hiatus” was important, like any good breather though, “the time has come”, like that midnight oil tune. Pedals is a potpourri of slaying rockers and feel good jams.  Songs like “69 Guns,” “Eyes Wide Open” and “Choose Your Adventure” quickly remind you that these gents can still bring it. Like any good Choose Your Own Adventure book from yesteryear, proceed to paragraph seven if you are completely familiar with who these gents are. 


Ian Love – Maniacal guitar wizard, nicknamed in his youth “the prod”, as in prodigy (not the “Fire Starter” but a dude), he was in the famed hardcore band Burn, as well. Mr. Love is the engineer studio key holder to where Pedals was mostly recorded. Ian is both a producer and dog lover, who has released solo records and solo projects, leaving him known sometimes as a soloist… Like Elvis but different. 


Walter Schreifels – Creator, brain, landlord of such influential groups as Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, and CIV. He sat in with many of NYʼs famed hardcore bands of the mid/late 80ʼs, Youth of Today, Warzone, Supertouch, Project X, etc. Schreifels recently released a long awaited solo record, and has been living between Berlin and NYC. Originally hailing from Queens NY, Walter has tried alligator meat, and fancyʼs iced coffee. 


Cache Tolman – AKA “Utah Slim”, he is a farmer, pumpkins being the most recent harvest of choice.  He was the first father of the four, that is correct, they 

are all Dads of young ladies. Tolman who currently resides in Salt Lake City, was the bassist in Iceburn.  In the early 90ʼs, they were the Mahavishnu Orchestra of the Revelation Records hardcore scene.  During the Rival Schools hiatus, Cache was playing with Gavin Rosdale and released an album under the name Institute. He plays a Dan Armstrong clear bass, and is a Leo. Like his fellow band mates, he is a fan of the late 70ʼs classic Time Passages by Al Stewart. 


Sam Siegler – A third generation drummer, he came up with Schreifels in the mid 80ʼs NY hardcore scene. From Biscuit to Bizkit, he played in Gorilla Biscuits in 85ʼ but more recently with Limp Bizkit on their release “The Unquestionable Truth Part 1”. Siegler has released records and toured with many bands, Glassjaw, CIV, Nightmare of You, Youth Of Today and Head Automatica to name a few. He filled in one night only with Patti Smith and got to play Madison Square Garden opening for KISS with the group CIV. He and Schreifels were partners in the independent record label Some Records, and down the road he hopes to open a Led Zeppelin themed restaurant called “You Cooked Me”. 


Other factoids for the friendly new comer - Please know that the name Rival Schools came from the video game Rival Schools United by Fate. On their first go around they performed with The Breeders, Beastie Boys, Trail of Dead, Black Rebel, and many others as they toured the world and lived the vida loca. On their first “weʼre back” tour in 08' they came out to the classic tune Baker St. (1977), it got them “pumped”.  So thatʼs who they be… onto Pedals and the present.


This record was mainly  recorded at guitarist Ian Loves’ studio in Brooklyn, with some additional tracking  by Joel Hamilton at studio G. The two of them mixed the record along with Chris  Sheldon from the United Kingdom. The band delved into some new territory  experimenting with some remixes.  Blockhead who works a lot with Aesop Rock, Daryl Palumbo from Head Automatica, Glassjaw, and Ad Rock from the Beasties all contributed remixes which will find there way to listeners in some appropriate manner. There was a sneaker made, thatʼs right Rival Schools kicks, they exist, keep a look out for those. 


Do these jerks ever tour you ask???!!! When they reformed in 2008, it was straight to Europe, all self funded and D to the I Y, they did almost a month of 

festivals and packed headlining shows. Then Australia for Soundwaves, some US dates which included the Fun Fun Fun festival, some CMJ shows, and a lovely evening supporting the Bad Brains in NYC. It was back to Europe in the summer of 2009 where they supported The Deftones and Rise Against, then to Japan. Rival Schools signed with Photo Finish/Atlantic records early in 2010, Pedals is due out March 8th, and the band plans to support it, then break up for eight years again, (thatʼs a joke). 


“This record was put together with a greater sense of purpose and band identity,” explained Rival Schoolsʼ singer and guitarist, Walter Schreifels. “Iʼm happy that weʼve been able to come back to it with so much positive energy, with the challenge of making a new record and plotting a new creative course.” 




1/31/11 Update from Walter himself :


Tour has been fantastic, just realized this morning that it's already half over - seems like a hundred years ago I was serving up those kids in Belgium. The shows have been getting progressively better, we didn't have much rehearsal time before hand so we've been working out a lot of stuff during soundcheck and on stage. The audiences have been great, we've been loving them. Highlights...seeing the new Walking Concert vinyl in Cologne, Breakin in Belgium, making it to Kingston, Fellini chip shop in Cardiff (midgets included), whiskey and dance party in Edinbrough, New York meets (old) York, back at The Cavern in Exeter (yeah, yeah, yeah!), first time tonight in Cambridge-looking good so far.
We've been playing a few new songs and they've been going down great, very exciting all around.
Aside from tonight, I'm looking forward to London and then to return to Europe. The first stop will be in Osnabruck which is the hometown of my grandfather Walter Schreifels the 1st, it's all coming full circle!




From Artic Rodeo – The best new label in the world…


WALKING CONCERT - free download, video clips + WALTER SCHREIFELS BAND - tour dates


<img src =>

The release date of the limited vinyl edition of WALKING CONCERT's album "RUN TO BE BORN" is coming closer and closer: The album by the WALTER SCHREIFELS' band will be out January 28th. We would like to give you some more information about this little indie classic. By clicking the link below, you can watch two video clips from the album and download the mp3 track for free. Furthermore, there are tour dates of the WALTER SCHREIFELS BAND added. In this band, besides WALTER SCHREIFELS himself there are Dave Hill on guitar, Arthur Smilios (GORILLA BISCUITS, CIV) on bass, Drew Thomas (INTO ANOTHER, BOLD, WALKING CONCERT, GOD FIRES MAN) on drums und John Herguth (HOUSE & PARISH, ATLANTIC/PACIFIC) on keys. You should definitely go and check them out. No kidding. WALKING CONCERT was the name of the band Walter Schreifels was playing in when RIVALS SCHOOLS had been taking a break and before he started working on his solo album. Before all this, Walter Schreifels went down in the history of rock music by playing in bands like GORILLA BISCUITS, YOUTH OF TODAY and QUICKSAND. In the recordings of "RUN TO BE BORN" there have been people involved like Chris Daly (TEXAS IS THE REASON, JETS TO BRAZIL) und Ian Love, who has been doing recordings with HOUSE & PARISH, ATLANTIC/PACIFIC and WALTER SCHREIFELS. Furthermore, he is playing guitar in RIVAL SCHOOLS and has started a solo career on Arctic Rodeo. Besides Jemery E. Johnson and Ryan Stratton, Drew Thomas (GOD FIRES MAN, INTO ANOTHER, BOLD, WALTER SCHREIFELS BAND) has been another member of WALKING CONCERT. The vinyl LP of "RUN TO BE BORN" plus an additional vinyl 7" including two exclusive and previously unreleased bonus tracks and a free CD will be packed in a great looking gatefold jacket with an exclusive new artwork. The CD will contain audio files and mp3 formats of the entire album and the tracks of the 7" of course. On top, there will be a free mp3 label compilation included on the CD. This "RUN TO BE BORN" package is limited to 600 copies. 100 copies have been pressed on red vinyl and are sold out, 200 copies on clear/white mixed vinyl and 300 copies on red/gold mixed vinyl. The bonus 7" have been pressed on classic black vinyl

01/24/2011 Cologne (GER) - Underground
01/26/2011 Kingston (UK) - Fighting Cocks
01/27/2011 Cardiff (UK) - Clwb Ifor Bach
01/28/2011 Edinburgh (UK) - Cabaret Voltaire
01/29/2011 York (UK) - Fibbers
01/30/2011 Exeter (UK) - Cavern
01/31/2011 Cambridge (UK) - Haymakers
02/01/2011 London (UK) - Borderline
02/02/2011 Osnabrück (GER) - Kleine Freiheit
02/03/2011 Kassel (GER) – Karoshi
02/04/2011 Berlin (GER) – Comet Club
02/05/2011 Hannover (GER) - Chéz Heinz



In celebration of United By Walter’s 6th Anniversary - here is a great update from Walter :


Welland, Ontario March 12, 2010


As I sit here behind the recording console (doing my thing) my thoughts stray back to this date some six years ago when discovered there was a website called United By Walter. Imagine my surprise and excitement/nervousness to be honored in such a way. Over the years I’ve come to know Johnny and many UBW’s, the community that has evolved through this site has truly been an inspiration to me.

In this sixth anniversary year of UBW, I’d like to start by pointing out what a funny word “sixth” is and to give a brief update on what I have planned for 2010…

For starters my first solo album “Open Letter To Scene” is being released around the world on May 4th. I couldn’t be happier with the record, unless it was already out. I have a world tour planned, Japan and Australia included. The Midwestern US will be trickier, but I will come through hook or crook.

Quick on the heels of my solo record comes the new Rival Schools record. It’s been a slow train coming but it will surely arrive this summer, slated for a July release.

At the moment I’m in Welland, Canada winning free coffee’s at Tim Horton’s and working on a new solo record for fall release. So as you can tell, I’m planning to make 2010 a busy year, so stay tuned…


United Bye,




With so much going on with Walter lately, and not much in terms of “news” regarding it, what could be better than an update from Walter himself :

I just got back from Tokyo after ten days in Shibuya. I played five shows and a record in store. I had a Japanese backing band for two of the shows and they were absolutely awesome. I was nervous about musicians on the other side of the planet getting my songs together on their own but leave it to the Japanese. Yoshi and Yuta can speak English really well, Sano, whom I've known for over ten years can't quite get it down but it's amazing how well we were able to communicate through the music. I played a couple of shows there with Joe Lally from Fugazi, he's a hero of mine and his band was very interesting. He had a really cool guitarist from Italy named Ilisa playing with him. She was a mix between Ian MacKaye and Tom Morello but most of all she had her own original style, inspiring. After ten days in Shibuya I got to know it fairly well. I had my own apt. which was so cool, and little! I had a balcony and roof access. I made some great friends as I didn't bring any along with me. I'm amazed and grateful to all the people who struggled to speak English with me, if it's anything like Japanese it's got to be near impossible for Japanese people to speak English (if that makes any sense?) In summation, it was a magical trip and I'm looking forward to my next trip back.

Upon returning to New York I had a show the next night at Music Hall Of Williamsburg. It was a CMJ showcase for Brooklyn Vegan. I'm not checking many music sites but BV is a good one. The lineup was awesome, I particularly enjoyed The Antlers set, was very ambient and trippy, sort of romantic too. My set was chaotic but in my opinion stellar. As much as I enjoyed playing with the band in Tokyo it was wonderful to play with my guys here in New York. We rehearsed the day of, I was jet lagged out of my mind and still we pulled off a tight set. The only thing that sucked was that Arthur (from GB who plays bass in my band) bass broke mid set. It's an old bass that I borrowed from a friend and it just kind of stopped working all of a sudden. In the time that Arthur was looking to borrow a bass from one of the other bands I told stories and made the best of it. We decided to play "What's Your New Thing" again in its entirety to make up for the lack of bass in version one. We closed with "Summertime" which Arthur barely knows and is kind of a downer but I love playing it and I think we played it well. A great night although I had to wait untill one o clock to get paid which sucked considering how jet lagged I was. I wrote 123 Fake Street as my address on the W-9 form which I kind of feel guilty about because everyone at the club was so cool. I'm sure it's fine really, don't tell!

I've had a week to gather my strength and get into the east coast time zone and already Halloween is upon me. I'm not sure what I'm going as this year and I'm wondering why I still bother to dress up anyway but Arthur from the movie Arthur is a possibility if I can find the right top hat. I'm also gearing up for Fun Fun Fun Festival in Austin next weekend. I'll be playing a club show with the band on Sat. Nov. 7th with the band. It's as far a field as we've played and I'm psyched to show Austin what we've got, awesomeness. The elephant in the room that evening will be Gorilla Biscuits who are scheduled to play the next night on the punk stage. We're running out of reasons to play so this is very likely the last time GB will play until we're really really old. Luke lives in Austin and we're all friends with the promoter and Danzig is playing so we said "yup!". I'll be in Austin the week before practicing, that's in a few days or so!

I'm also psyched to be playing in LA or OC on Nov. 19th and 20th. It's a charity show that will benefit a children’s home in OC which makes it very special along with the fact that I'll be playing with H.R. from Bad Brains another one of my heroes! Just knockin em down ; ) Also appearing is my friend Jonah from Far, who I just saw play in New York. I never saw them before it was a really good show and I recognized songs from his solo sets. Thursday also played and it was amazing to see them in front of a hometown crowd. I'd only seen them in Europe, reminded me of Quicksand shows.

Last night I was out with Snake and Rachel from Skid Row, we used to have the same management back in the Quicksand day. It was great to catch up. Snake's a manager now as well as touring Skid Row, without Baz, and is in a very good place. He was asking me why I don't have a record out even though I have so much material. It was a good question. He wondered if it was because I was too protective of my songs, which is partly true. The reality is that I need to find the right record label to release it and I've never had to look for one before. So this is a new skill set that I am developing. The good news is not only do I have the record finished, really but I've got labels for around the world, I'm only lagging in the US but I will persist : ) The songs for the record may be familiar but these versions are coherent and there's some that no one will know. I've been writing a lot lately so I'm looking forward to have this sucker pushed over the other side of the mountain!

Other news: I made a video for Arthur Lee's Lullaby that is awesome, my favorite video I ever made. Heidi Hartwig, who’s also my girlfriend, directed it and she came through like crazy. I have some shows in New York, Philly, and Boston in Dec. and meanwhile I'll be working on artwork and record contracts.

Rival Schools News: The new record is finished and we are negotiating with record labels for a spring/summer release date. I think we nailed the transition from our last and long ago record to something forward thinking. Will be lots of fun to play new songs for the fans.

Wow that's a serious update, there's actually nothing more to know. I will stay in touch with mywar at UBW and keep him informed as the dominoes fall!

United bye,






Wow, it’s been a long time since an update in Wally-World, so let’s get to it.

There are a couple of albums being worked on now.  Walter is nearing completion on his solo album "Open Letter To The Scene".  Walter decided to re-record the album he initially finished in Berlin.  “I just don't think it captured what I was going for” Walter stated in a recent email.  He’s utilizing the same producer as Walking Concert’s “Run To Be Born”, so there should be some sound consistency now….

Walter is currently in the process of putting a band together. On bass he’s recruited Arthur from Gorilla Biscuits (!), Andy Action for the drums, who also played on “Run To Be Born”, with the great Cardia (with Ian Love) and Dave Hill will be playing guitar.  The new band has been busy rehearsing a mix of older material and songs from the new album, as well as a few covers. According to Walter, “It's going to be a very different experience than my solo acoustic gigs because I'll be doing (songs such as) Thorn In My Side with a band”.

A few shows are on tap with this new band :

·         The Khyber in Philadelphia on May 29th

·         Great Scott in Boston on May 31st

·         The Studio in Manhattan on June 17th.  Which will be recorded, so it guaranteed to be the off-the-hook show of the year!

There is alot of activity coming up with Rival Scholls as well.  Rivals are in the middle/end of recording an album to be released in the Fall. They are playing a few shows with Eagles Of Death Metal in August and then heading over to the Reading Festival and a bunch of other European festivals at the end of the summer.


Rival Schools tour dates:

Jun 13 2009


Carroll Creek Park

Frederick, Maryland

Aug 4 2009


The House of Blues

Boston, Massachusetts

Aug 6 2009


Webster Music Hall

New York City, New York

Aug 7 2009


Theatre Of The Living Arts

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Aug 28 2009


Leeds Festival 2009


Aug 29 2009


Reading Festival 2009





There is so much going on in Walter-World, its hard to keep track at this time.  So what better excuse is there to talk to the man directly and find out what's on his mind?

UBW is pleased to announce another United By Walter Live Chat.  Sunday May 25 at 5pm Eastern USA (New York).  Information is on the UBW message board.  Note: you will need to be a United By Walter Member to be included.

Here are the latest Rival School tour dates:

3 June 2008 grunspan, Hamburg
4 June 2008 Kato, Berlin
5 June 2008 denmark skive beach party, Denmark
6 June 2008 rock am ring, Germany
9 June 2008 hyde park, osnabruck
10 June 2008 brussels VK, Brussels
11 June 2008 King's College, London
13 June 2008 Download festival
14 June 2008 where the action is festival, sweden
17 June 2008 birmingham academy II, birmingham
18 June 2008 leeds cockpit, leeds
19 June 2008 king tuts wah wah hut, glasgow
21 June 2008 wedgewood rooms, portsmouth
22 June 2008 Powerfest, Amsterdam
23 June 2008 La Boule Noir, Paris
25 June 2008 Hove Festival, Norway



Well it's been awhile since an update... 

The big news in the land of Schreifels is the birth of Walters daughter Ryo.  She was born on Christmas Eve.   
Ryo is pronounced like the city in Brazil and means "The Golden Child" in Japanese.

The recording of Walter's solo album is complete and he's been playing some solo shows in Europe.

There are many rumors circulating regarding a Rival Schools reunion.  It looks like this will definitely happen sometime this summer.  Stay Tuned....

Drew (Walking Concert, Into Another, etc...) has joined forces with Arty and the other ex-Instruction members to for God Fires Man.  Their debut full length was just released and it's awesome.

Another UBW band to keep an eye on is the Surrounding Areas Featuring  Garrett Klahn, Chris Daly fand JJ from Walking Concert

CIV recently did a reunion show in NYC.  Check out the forum for discussion.


It appears that the music side of Walter's life is starting to pick up so keep checking back for more updates.


Walter's been playing shows, most recently a May 1st celebration in Berlin, riots afterwards, apparently his set was too short!

He's been playing with a new band of German guys, two of them are from a band called Tomte and one he's been recording with.

Walter has songs coming up on a couple of compilations:

A cover of Sick Of It All's "Pushed Too Far"  will be on the Rev tribute, it was originally meant to be on the SOIA comp but it got lost in the mail, and missed the deadline.

A demo of "Open Letter" will be on a comp. by Define The Meaning Fanzine.
The GB tour put Walter in touch with a bunch of cool people who really care about hardcore, they're some of them.

The GB dates are set for September and October in Europe, soon to be posted.

Walter wrote an article in SPIN may issue about the GB reunion, and reunions in general. It was picked up this weekend by the New York Times, and Walter was quoted
from it!

Plans are being made to do an acoustic tour of NW Canada in July, he will likely play NYC and other tri state spots as well.  Then he's hoping to return Also, looking to the UK this summer and Scandinavia.


Looks as though Gorilla Biscuits will be heading overseas for some shows after all:

GORILLA BISCUITS has been confirmed for this year's With Full Force festival, set to take place June 29 - July 1 at Flugplatz Roitzschjora in Löbnitz, Germany.

Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks...


W O W ! ! !  The time sure does fly by.  Hope everyone had a happy holiday.  Wishing you and yours the greatest of new years!

Here  what Walter Schreifels is up to these days:

Currently touring England for the first time as a solo artist, with a band called Get Cape Wear Cape Fly:

The Dates:

Thu 18 - Southampton, University
Fri 19 - Wolves, Wulfren Hall
Sat 20 - Manchester Academy II
Sun 21 - Glasgow QMU
Tue 23 - Sheffield, Leadmill
Wed 24 - Leeds, Met University
Thu 25 - Nottingham, Trent University
Sat 27 - Oxford, Brooks University
Sun 28 - Bristol, Anson Rooms
Mon 29 - Cambridge, Junction
Tue 30 - London, Astoria

Walter is still living in Berlin, where he's been recording what will eventually be his new record.  This will be the first under his own name.  Most of the songs he's performed acoustically around one time and place or another.

There will be a new 7 inch (featuring "Distance" and "Arthur Lee's Lullabye") coming our in the UK later this month, and will be available during the last few dates on the tour mentioned above.  Note: the cover artwork was done by Alex Brown of GB fame!!!

Keep in touch everyone!


Fearless Vampire Killers featuring our favorite guitar player Tom Capone along with Cache Tolman (Rival Schools), John Joesph and Mackie are hitting Europe with a warm up show in New Jersey.  Here are the dates:

Oct 28 2006


F.V.K. Middlesex County College, Edison, New Jersey

@ The college center cafeteria C

Nov 3 2006


F.V.K. Holland, Arnheim. w/ Solid Ground

@ Arnheim@Goudvishal w/Solid Ground

Nov 4 2006


F.V.K. Germany, Flensburg. w/ Blacklisted, Rise And fall.

@ Roxy

Nov 5 2006


F.V.K. Denmark, Copenhagen. w/ Blacklisted and Rise And fall

@ Loppen

Nov 6 2006


F.V.K. Norway, Oslo w/Blacklisted and Rise And Fall

@ Sub Scene

Nov 7 2006


F.V.K. Sweden, Uppsala. w/ Blacklisted, Rise And Fall

@ Ungdomens Hus

Nov 9 2006


F.V.K. Finland, Helsinki.

@ Helsinki

Nov 10 2006


F.V.K. Germany, Berlin. w/ Rise And fall, Solid Ground

@ Tommy Haus

Nov 11 2006


F.V.K. Germany, Rosswein.w/Rise and fall, Solid Ground

@ Juha

Nov 12 2006


F.V.K. Austria, Wein.

@ Szene

Nov 13 2006


F.V.K. Hungary, Budapest. w/Solid Ground

@ Kultiplex

Nov 15 2006


F.V.K. Italy, Roma.


Nov 16 2006


F.V.K. Italy, Bolzano. w/Solid Ground

@ Bunker

Nov 17 2006


F.V.K. Germany, Munchen. w/ Rise And fall, Solid Ground

@ Feierwerk, Hansa 39

Nov 18 2006


F.V.K. Switzerland, Zug. w/Rise And Fall, Solid Ground

@ Industrie45

Nov 19 2006


F.V.K. Portugal, Almada

@ Culto

Nov 20 2006


F.V.K. Germany, Freiburg.

@ Crash

Nov 21 2006


F.V.K. Ireland, Dublin.

@ Voodoo Lounge

Nov 22 2006


F.V.K. London, UK

@ Underworld

Nov 23 2006


F.V.K. Holland, Utrecht.

@ Helling

Nov 24 2006


F.V.K. Germany, Essen. w/ Black friday29,Restless Youth

@ Cafe Nova

Nov 25 2006


F.V.K. Belgium, Kontich.

@ Lintfabriek



Walter will be performing his first ever spoken word + a short acoustic set @ cultural centre Luchtbal in Antwerp (Belgium).
It will happen on the 17th of November. 

For info and tickets:


I apologize for the lack of new "news" to report. With the Gorilla Biscuits tour finished and no plans for it to continue, Walter is back in Berlin getting his ducks in a row and trying to get his projects in order.

A couple of upcoming shows in Germany opening for Badly Drawn Boy.

Here are the specs:

September 25th: Hamburg – Mandarin Kasino
September 27th: Cologne – Prime Club

In other unitedby news, BOLD is performing it's last two show in California before putting the band to rest:

September 25th: Santa Barbara, CA - Casa De La Raza
September 30th: Corona, CA - The Showcase Theater

Tom Capone has a new band called FVK (Fearless Vampire Killers) with John Joesph and Mackie. They'll be rocking (Age of Quarrel era) Cro-Mags, Bad Brains, etc.... They'll be in Europe for the entire month of November!!!

Any updates you know of should be sent my way:

t h a n k y o u


It's time for a chat!!!

Third third round of chatting with Walter will be taking place Sunday June 11th at 4pm Eastern USA time (aka New York City).

Walter will be online ready and willing to answer any and all of your questions regarding the upcoming Gorilla Biscuits tour, reissues, status of Walking Concert, Rival Schools second album release update, possible shows, future plans, past experiences..... should be a great time! See you there!

I am looking to update the images section of UBW, so if you have something cool that should be added, please email me:


Gorilla Biscuits '06 Summer Tour Dates:

Aug 4 2006 8:00P
Stone Pony Asbury Park, NJ
Aug 5 2006 8:00P
The Palladium Downstairs Worcester, MA
Aug 6 2006 8:00P
Starlite Ballroom Philadelphia, PA
Aug 7 2006 8:00P
Auburn Public Theatre Auburn, NY
Aug 8 2006 8:00P
Foufounes Electriques Montreal, QC
Aug 9 2006 8:00P
Phoenix Concert Theatre Toronto, ON
Aug 10 2006 8:00P
Peabodys Downunder Cleveland, OH
Aug 11 2006 8:00P
Majestic Theatre Detroit, MI
Aug 12 2006 8:00P
Clearwater Theatre West Dundee, IL
Aug 13 2006 8:00P
Triple Rock Social Club Minneapolis, MN
Aug 15 2006 8:00P
Cervantes Denver, CO
Aug 16 2006 8:00P
El Corazon Seattle, WA
Aug 17 2006 8:00P
Pound SF San Francisco, CA
Aug 18 2006 8:00P
Pound SF San Francisco, CA
Aug 19 2006 8:00P
Glasshouse Pomona, CA
Aug 20 2006 8:00P
Chain Reaction Anaheim, CA
Aug 21 2006 8:00P
Chain Reaction Anaheim, CA
Aug 22 2006 8:00P
Soma San Diego, CA
Aug 23 2006 8:00P
The Clubhouse Tempe, AZ
Aug 25 2006 8:00P
Emos Alternative Lounge Austin, TX
Aug 26 2006 8:00P
TBA Dallas
Aug 27 2006 8:00P
Meridian Houston, TX
Aug 29 2006 8:00P
Vinyl Atlanta, GA
Aug 30 2006 8:00P
Rocket Town Nashville, TN
Aug 31 2006 8:00P
Alley Katz Richmond, VA
Sep 1 2006 8:00P
Otto Bar Baltimore, MD
Sep 2 2006 8:00P
BB Kings New York, NY

If you are going to one of the shows, post on the message board, and meet up with fellow UBWers!


It's going to be summer soon. Time for camping, baseball games, veggie hot dogs, cold PBR and steamy nights of rock 'n' roll. What better soundtrack than the Gorilla Biscuits?

A dream no one ever imagined would come true.... actually is: the soundtrack to years of our lives will be coming live to a stage near you soon. That's right UBWer's.. you've been reading rumors, but this is the first website to officially announce an August GB tour in the USA. This was confirmed by Walter this morning.

This tour will celebrate the reissue of Gorilla Biscuits classic "Start Today", which will feature in depth liner notes written by Walter himself. It will also feature a DVD of the CBGB's reunion show from 08/05. Oh one more super cool item: there will be a souvenir 7" available at the shows....

Also, Walter will be hitting the road in June/July rocking his solo jams in the midwestern portion of the US.

During the recent Walking Concert tour, Walter was able to sneak in some solo acoustic sets. One of which was recorded in Germany for radio broadcast. Visit the UBW message board for download details.... The sound quality is aces, and the performance is magical.

As always, hit me up with scoops, gifts and insights...

I am going to attempt to schedule another Walter chat soon to get the skinny on all of the upcoming fun. . . . . stay tuned . . . .


Upcoming BOLD shows:


Feb 18th

Club Lido

1290 Northshore Rd
(Revere, MA)

April 13th

Eastern HC Special III

Leisnig, Germany

April 14th


Wroclaw, Poland

April 16th


Bielefeld, Germany

April 17th


Wien, Austria

April 19th


Bochum, Germany

April 21st


Stuttgart, Germany

April 22nd

Estragon Club

Bologna, Italy

April 23rd

Rainbow Club

Milano, Italy

April 25th


London, England

April 26th

The Plug

Sheffield, UK

April 27th


Haarlem, Netherlands

April 28th


Barcelona, Spain

April 29th


Meerhout, Belgium

April 30th

Goudvishal Festival

Arnhem, Netherlands

Upcoming FIRES shows:

02.17.06 court tavern new brunswick, nj 9pm
03.03.06 middle east club cambridge, ma 9pm
03.08.06 pianos nyc, ny 7:30pm
04.08.06 t.t.'s cambridge, ma 9pm




Lots to update:

March 1st: Walter Schreifels solo acoustic show in NYC @ 323 W. Broadway

March 3rd: Walter Schreifels solo acoustic show in Toronto with City & Colour

March 7 - March 19th: European tour billed as Walter Schreifels and Walking Concert

March 20 - the end of march: Walter Schreifels solo acoustic shows through the UK, Holland, Belgium and Scandanavia... Ian Love is rumored to be playing these shows as well, promoting his new solo record.

April 1st: Walter Schreifels solo acoustic show in Berlin, Germany

Rest of April: Walter will be doing shows in the US with Walking Concert, and solo acoustic shows. Most of the upcoming solo shows will be recorded... the best takes will make it onto the upcoming Walter Schreifels solo-acoustic live record!

Walter is currently recording with Walking Concert, as well as demo-ing solo songs, where Walter is playing most if not all of the instruments.

Watch out for these recordings being sold at upcoming shows and exclusives on your #1 Walter fansite: :)

Speaking of websites, Walter will have his own site up soon : : : : also be on the lookout for an official Walter myspace page too.

Progress is being made on releasing the 2nd Rivals Schools record.

"Start Today" reissue is coming together with a DVD of their reunion show at C.B.G.B.'s. Walter has also written a new GB song called "At The Matinee". This song will more than likely be debuted at the March 1st acoustic show in NYC. If all goes well, the song may be recorded with the entire original group for an extra inticement to the re-issue.

Besides "At The Matinee", Walter will be playing new songs in addition to new selections of Walter "hits" perhaps even delving into the CIV catalog! The March 1st NYC show should be off the hook!!!! UBW needs to represent! Post on the message board, and meet up with some (new) friends.


Rock on!


Our third chat with Walter was terrific. Big time thanks to everyone who participated.

A transcript of the chat can be found here : CHAT

All the news fit to print right now can be found there.

email me with gossip:

rock on


Have you ever wanted to ask Walter a question, but just haven't had the opportunity? Well, opportunity is a knocking my friend.

This Sunday night (January 22nd, 8pm USA Eastern time) in the UBW Chat Room, Walter will be waiting to answer all of your burning questions. This will be our third chat with Walter, and if it's 1/2 as good as the first two, you won't want to miss out.

According to Walter there is alot coming up in the new year... here are just some of what to expect:

:::: A Walter Schreifels Website

:::: A live solo acoustic "sings the hits" release

:::: A solo acoustic release

:::: A rock band release

:::: Finally: The unreleased Rival Schools record will be released

:::: Re-release of Gorilla Biscuits "Start Today"

Alot too look forward to, and alot to chat about. See you all Sunday!


Happy New Year everyone!

The recent Walking Concert shows in Germany were performed as a 3 piece. Looks like Jeff Johnson is no longer playing guitar with the band. No further details regarding his departure, or the future of the band have been made available.

The rare recordings of Project X (featuring Walter, Porcell, Sammy and Al Brown) have now found an official re-release on Bridge Nine Records.

Not much else to report at this time. Please email me with any news, gossip, etc...


Walter solo acoustic show announcement:

Bedlam's Nightmare Before X-Mas Series featuring City and Colour - Acoustic Performance Jay Malanowski - Acoustic Performance (Bedouin Soundclash) Walter Schreifels - Acoustic Performance (Quicksand, Rival Schools) and more TBA

December 20th: St Catharines - L3 Nightclub


Upcoming Walking Concert shows:

12/04/05: Kamp, Bielefeld, Germany
12/05/05: Zakk, Düsseldorf, Germany
12/06/05: Logo, Hamburg, Germany
12/07/05: Kato, Berlin, Germany
12/08/05: Backstage, München, Germany
12/10/05: Schlachthof, Wiesbaden, Germany
12/11/05: Garage Club, Saarbrücken, Germany
12/12/05: Starclub, Dresden, Germany
12/13/05: Central Station, Darmstadt, Germany
12/14/05: Bürgerhaus Stollwerck, Köln, Germany


Live chat update:

Sunday September 4th

Please Note Time change = 6pm Eastern USA Time...

Please email me with any questions, concerns, ideas, or if you've got a story to tell . . .

Don't forget to fly, drive, or crawl to Germany and the Czech Republic for some Acoustic Walter Schreifels aka "Walter Sings The Hits"

07.09.05 - D-Hamburg, Weltbühne

08.09.05 - D-Berlin, KATO

10.09.05 - A-Wien, Vorstadt

11.09.05 - D-München, Backstage

12.09.05 - D-Saarbrücken, Garage

13.09.05 - D-Köln, Underground

14.09.05 - D-Bielefeld, KAMP

15.09.05 - D-Bremen, Tower


All UBW Hooligans are invited to a live chat with Walter Schreifels.

The chat will take place on the world wide web, Sunday September 4th. Please check out the forum for more details.

As he gears up for Euro-Acoustic shows, Walter is recording music for a Movie Soundtrack. According to him, it's atmospheric and heavy.... the most Quicksand-esque stuff he's done in quite some time.

Soooooooooooooo, with Walking Concert armed with a ton of amazing new songs, this mysterious soundtrack recording, the C.B.G.B's G.B. reunion show, CIV selling cars via a Nissan commercial, Walter's acoustic shows, as well as all the history and the bright futures.... All makes for a great night , getting together for a fireside chat....

Hope to see you all there!


Congratulations to UBW member EddieCash who won the United By Walter : Gorilla Biscuits Tickets : Essay Contest.

As mentioned previously, Walter was the judge, and here is his reaction to the overwelming response to the contest:

This contest is killing me. It's impossible to say one is the best. I know it's a cliche but I finally understand what it means when they say "everyone here is a winner". I have to go with essay #6, I mean when you're so young and facing death there is basically nothing more unfair. I invisioned GB as a band to inspire hope in black times, the kid who wrote #6 has been there and it gives me the ultimate satisfaction in knowing that GB helped him.

I'm planning to hold some t-shirts or some GB mementos for everyone who wrote an essay. I'm very grateful to you and to the people that wrote for bringing into view the GB vibe.

Here is EddieCash's winning essay:

what "start today" means to me:

august 1994: I wake up someplace foreign, not my bed.head's cloudy, but I'm feeling no pain, not like a hangover. I see my family. they're crying. I can't move my mouth to speak. in a daze, I manage a thumbs up. the walls, everything is white. then it comes back. the party, leaving, the summer breeze, the backseat... fishtailing.

one week in the same room, waiting for surgery. I couldn't help and think I might not live another year. got to get out alive, start today. made enough mistakes for this lifetime, here to make amends


If you missed the Gorilla Biscuits reunion, check out the United By Walter Message Board for the video download!

Walking Concert is playing in Cleveland tonight and Chicago tomorrow (August 21st). Then Walter is heading to Europe to spread his acoustic gospel. I'll try to get some Fall / Winter plans for the band, and post as soon as they are made available. In the meantime, please send me info, gossip, et al..

I also just added some reviews... If you have a cd that should be featured on UBW, and aren't scared to receive an honest review, email me and let me know.

Thank you for stopping by UBW!!!



HUGE UBW NEWS: another reason membership has it's privledges.


Walter is giving away two of his personal tickets for the Gorilla Biscuits Reunion Show, August 14th at C.B.G.B's. This pair of tickets will only be available to UBW members!!!

If you are interested, all you have to do is write an essay (100 words or less). The topic is either "What GB means to me.." or "My favorite GB song is ______".

Walter will be the judge, and the writer of the essay he deems most worthy wins. It's that simple, so get a' writing...

All essays need to be emailed to me by Tuesday, August 9th. 8pm central USA time.

A winner will be announced by Friday.....

Please email your essay to :


A super cool show has been scheduled for October 1st at the Trash Bar in NYC:

A Welcome Home CD Release Party: for the "What Matters Most" compilation and the Attractive EP...

Live performances by:

Walking Concert
(a new ensemble featuring 3 former members of Snapcase (R.I.P), as well as, the singer from 6 Going On 7)
Kevin Devine
The Natural History
Snakes and Music


August Walking Concert show in the North:


Cambridge, MA, TT the Bears



Montreal, QC, Main Hall



Toronto, ON, Mod Club



Cleveland, OH, House of Blues (Cambridge Room)



Chicago, IL, Double Door


Then Walter Schreifels is packing an acoustic guitar and heading to Germany.

German Acoustic Show Dates:

September 7th - Hamburg - Weltbühne
September 8th - Berlin - Kato
September 9th - A-Wien - Vorstadt
September 11th - München - Backstage Club
September 12th - Saarbrücken - Garage Club
September 13th - Köln - Underground
September 14th - Bielefeld - JZ Kamp
September 15th - Bremen - Tower




Gorilla Biscuits are reuniting for a one-time only show to benefit CB-GB's, Sunday August 14th in NYC. Also on the bill are the Black Train Jack who are putting aside past differences for the show as well... The first person to email me at with the answer to the following BTJ trivia contest will win a super cool prize: A Black Train Jack "Handouts" EP (uber rare) along with a bunch of Rival Schools stickers and other assorted goodies that I find around the house... probably some candy, etc..

Question: How did "Black Train Jack" get their name?

Back to the Gorilla Biscuits reunion, I asked Walter the simple question that everyone is asking, "Why are you doing this?"... Here is his response:

Why am I doing this GB show? Not for CB's, I mean it's a cool historic place and I've had a lot of good times there but it's a business and I don't feel sorry for them. I'm not doing it for money, we aren't getting paid, we've been offered loads of money to play in the past and I've always said no. I think my main reasons are for fun and a bit of nostalgia. I don't get a chance to see or hang out with the GB guys much, so I'm mostly looking forward to that part of it.

The confusing part for me is that eventhough I think this show is likely a bad idea for the "legend" of the band, my theory is that enough good will come of the experiance to more or less justify it happening, let's hope so.

From my conversations with the other biscuits, we plan to take it very seriously as far as putting on a great show for everyone. Ultimately, I'm expecting an epicly good time, and besides there's no backing out now, Luke has already booked his plane ticket.

Don't forget the struggle, don't forget the streets,



Bucket Truck's new album (featuring a guest vocal by Walter) "Favour The Bull" comes out August 30th. It was Produced Pele Henricsson & Eskil Lovstrom (Refused). Check out a super cool new video for their song " I Am The New York Times ".


Here are some upcoming Walking Concert shows in the East Coast..

thursday, july 7th- rex's WEST CHESTER, PA
friday, july 8th- north star bar PHILADELPHIA
saturday, july 9th- great scott ALLSTON, MA
sunday, july 10th- maxwell's HOBOKEN, NJ
tuesday, july 12th-the delancey NYC


Some more Walking Concert UK shows:

Here is the updated schedule:

June 4 - Nurburg, Germany – Rock Am Ring Festival
June 5 - Nurnberg, Germany – Rock Im Park Festival
June 6 - DAY OFF
June 7 - Exeter, UK - The Cavern Club
June 8 - Cardiff, UK - Barfly
June 9 - Sheffield, UK - Leadmill
June 11 - Glasgow, UK - King Tuts
June 12 - Leeds, UK - Cockpit
June 13 - Manchester, UK –Academy 3
June 15 - Nottingham, UK - Social
June 16 - Oxford, UK - Zodiac (downstairs)
June 17 - Wolverhampton, UK - Little Civic
June 18 - Stoke, UK - Sugarmill
June 19 - London, UK - Garage

Hopefully more East Coast Walking Concert shows will be coming, in addition to more Walter - Acoustic performances. UBWers who have attended acoustic shows in New York and California have been kind enough to share recordings and even video. Check out the Member's Only portion of the Message Board for details.

Wow!!! We've had over 100,000 hits on the message board. That's huge!

Make sure you check out Skull Fuzz, who's made up of : JJ Johnson :: (Walking Concert, J.Majesty, etc..) Cache Tolman :: (Rival Schools, Iceburn, Civ, etc...) Charlie Walker :: (New End Originals, Split Lip, Chamberlain)


Another acoustic show has been added in California:

Sunday: 5/29 in Long Beach at a place called Koos. Show starts at 8pm from what I'm told.

Walter will be playing 2 new songs and is practicing "Too Official".. should be an awesome time. Someone needs to make sure they record these shows!! Hop to it!


P.S. Thanks to the input of UBWer's I am rearranging the way MUSIC is put on the site. Due to an ongoing struggle with space, and the never ending stream of incredible rare and unreleased Walter-related music, I will no longer "archive" songs that have been on UBW for over a month. Instead, there will be a "monthly" musical offering for your listening pleasure. Check out the music section of UBW or the message board for more details.


THIS JUST IN ! ! ! ! ! !

Walter Schreifels solo acoustic show this Saturday, May 28th in Los Angeles California, USA

Knitting Factory : 6:30pm

If you live in California, you HAVE to go to this show. Walter will be playing "the hits"... Quicksand, Rival Schools, Gorilla Biscuits, Walking Concert, Worlds Fastest Car... if you can name it, he'll probably play it!!!! For a sampling of what this show will sound like, check out the Members Only Music section of the UBW Message Board, download and rock! Pure bliss!


Updated Walking Concert UK Tour Dates:

June 8th: Wednesday : Cardiff Barfly : Cardiff

June 12th : Sunday : The Cockpit : Leeds

June 13th : Monday : University 2/3 Manchester

June 15th : Wednesday : The Social, Pelham Street

June 16th : Thursday : Oxford Zodiak : Oxford

June 17th : Friday : The Little Civic : Wolverhampton

June 18th : Saturday : The Sugarmill : Over 14's Stoke on Trent



Upcoming Walking Concert shows in the United Kingdom!!!

June 12th : Sunday : The Cockpit : Leeds

June 13th : Monday : University 2/3 Manchester

June 15th : Wednesday : The Social, Pelham Street Nottingham

Walter is doing some acoustic shows . . . check out the Music Section of UBW for a recording of a recent New York performance. Look for a solo show in California sometime soon.


Happy May Day....

This is a big week for East Coast Walking Concert Fans.

Monday (May 2nd) the rescheduled Walter Schreifels acoustic show is happening : : : :

::::: 323 on West Broadway (one block north of Canal, across from Soho Grand)

If that ain't cool enough, Friday night is the hottest show:



(feat. former members of Breakdown, Eventide, Pageant, and the unparralleled newcopcar)

(feat. ex-members of Hatebreed, Right Brigade, and Pageant)

(feat. usualchannels, and a bunch of dudes)

FRIDAY, MAY 6 at the Elevens, Pleasant Street, Northampton, MA
21+, $8, show starts at 8:30


We are looking for more footage for the UBW.DVD.V.2, so if you go.... please press RECORD

After the East coast affair, it looks like Walking Concert will be crossing the pond and heading to the UK in June... check back for d--e-e-e-e-tails!

I am looking for news, rumors, photos, music, etc.... please email me at

Rock on...


Unfortunately, Walking Concert has cancelled their shows with Finch and Vendetta Red. I have yet to see an official reason for the cancellations, but rest assured, they are not breaking up, having internal problems, etc... Hopefully they'll be on the road again soon...

During the shows they recently played with MeWithoutYou, Walking Concert played a ton of new songs, definitely more in the rockin' vein. We should have a live recording up in the music site sometime soon.

Speaking of the music site, you may have noticed several songs have been taken down. Due to space limitations, I had to sacrifice some oldies in order to put up the new stuff. UBW space is becoming an issue, so if anyone knows someone, who's cousins boyfriend's niece knows about web hosting, can help me, I'd be your best friend fo' ever!!!!

I am expecting some extra copies of UBW.DVD.V.1 soon. If you are interested, email me... if you have any footage that should be used for V.2, please email me too....

I'll try to get more information regarding the May 2nd Walter Acoustic show, so check the message board for updates....

Rock on!


Walter's acoustic show is not happening this week. Rumor is, it will be rescheduled for May 2nd... stay tuned!


2 reasons why I wish I live in NYC:

Live video shoot tonight @ the House Of God in New York

Tuesday night, Walter Schreifels Acoustic Performance: 323 on West Broadway (one block north of Canal, across from Soho Grand)


Also: If you have a question for Artie Shepard of Instruction, ET:11, World's Fastest Car fame, check out the forum and post!!!!


Live chat with Walter Schreifels TONIGHT!!!

10pm Eastern Time:

Free Java Chat from 

Be there, or be square....



Man, oh man, time flies... it's already been a year since hit the world wide web.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I am going to host a live chat with Walter Schreifels along side all UBW Members!!!

DATE: Thursday, March 24th.
TIME: 10pm Eastern TIme.

It's been a fantastic year, during which I've made a ton of new friends. Each of you has made this a true community on many levels. I look forward to this event where we can gather together, and you can get your burnin' Walter questions answered directly. Bound to be a great evening. Make sure you mark your calendars and check the message board for updates and details!

Thanks again for helping make this such a wonderful place to hang out! ROCK ON!


Big time tour from Walking Concert... if you are going, make sure you post on the message board and meet up with some UBW friends!!!


Morgantown, WV, tba

w/ mewithoutYou


Louisville, KY, tba

w/ mewithoutYou


Marion, IN, tba

w/ mewithoutYou


Iowa City, IA, tba

w/ mewithoutYou


Minneapolis, MN, tba

w/ mewithoutYou


Kansas City, MO, tba

w/ mewithoutYou


St. Louis, MO, tba

w/ mewithoutYou


DeKalb, IL, tba

w/ mewithoutYou


Detroit, MI, tba

w/ mewithoutYou


Columbus, OH, tba

w/ mewithoutYou


Cleveland, OH, tba

w/ mewithoutYou


Philadelphia, PA, TLA

w/ Finch, Vendetta Red, Reeve Oliver


New York, NY, Knitting Factory

w/ Finch, Vendetta Red, Reeve Oliver


Boston, MA, Axis

w/ Finch, Vendetta Red, Reeve Oliver


Toronto, ON, Opera House

w/ Finch, Vendetta Red, Reeve Oliver


Cleveland, OH, Grog Shop

w/ Finch, Vendetta Red, Reeve Oliver


Detroit, MI, Alvin's

w/ Finch, Vendetta Red, Reeve Oliver


Chicago, IL, Bottom Lounge

w/ Finch, Vendetta Red, Reeve Oliver


Minneapolis, MN, Ascot Room

w/ Finch, Vendetta Red, Reeve Oliver


Omaha, NE, Ranch Bowl

w/ Finch, Vendetta Red, Reeve Oliver


Denver, CO, Bluebird

w/ Finch, Vendetta Red, Reeve Oliver


Salt Lake City, UT, Lo Fi Cafe

w/ Finch, Vendetta Red, Reeve Oliver


Seattle, WA, El Corazon

w/ Finch, Vendetta Red, Reeve Oliver


Portland, OR, Meow Meow

w/ Finch, Vendetta Red, Reeve Oliver


San Francisco, CA, Slim's

w/ Finch, Vendetta Red, Reeve Oliver


Anaheim/Pamona/Santa Ana, CA, tba

w/ Finch, Vendetta Red, Reeve Oliver


San Diego, CA, tba

w/ Finch, Vendetta Red, Reeve Oliver


Phoenix, AZ, tba

w/ Finch, Vendetta Red, Reeve Oliver


Los Angeles, CA, tba

w/ Finch, Vendetta Red, Reeve Oliver



Upcoming Walking Concert Tour Dates...

2/25/05 Philadelphia, PA, The Khyber w/ Renee Heartfelt, 101, Metroplex
2/28/05 New York, NY, Mercury Lounge
3/1/05 Cambridge, MA, TT the Bear's
3/2/05 Asbury Park, NJ, The Saint
3/4/05 Montreal, Quebec, tba
3/5/05 Toronto, Onterio, tba
3/8/05 St. Catherine's, Onterio, tba


Just announced Walking Concert show in Cambridge, MA: T.T. The Bear's Place

, Tuesday March 1st.





First of all, Happy New Year everyone!!!

After taking a bit of a holiday, Walking Concert is getting warmed up and ready to get back to the rock. Although theres' not too much definite news, there certainly are some things on the fire:

If you live in Toronto, consider yourself lucky: Walter is playing a solo show January 23rd, where he promises to play mostly Walking Concert material, but will "slip" in some Quicksand, Gorilla Biscuits, Rival Schools and perhaps a Civ or two.... It's all part of "Bedlam Anniversary" taking place at L3. Also on the bill will be City and Colour (featuring Dallas Green of alexisonfire), Raising the Fawn, Sleeper Set Sail and Brent Jackson. You can get tickets at Tantrum Records (downtown), Sunrise Records (Pen Centre) and CD Plus (Fariview Mall).

"Hands Up!" will be featured on the O.C., January 20th. Someone PLEASE record this onto a dvd, and then forward a copy to LYDON for inclusion on UBW.DVD.V.2!

"What's Your New Thing" was the 4th best single of 2004, according to Entertainment Weekly. The video for this song is finally finished, so keep your eyes and ears peeled on FUSE, etc...

The band is currently working on new material, and rehearsing for upcoming shows. One of the new songs is called "Police On The Scene".

Walking Concert is planning to rock the East Coast in late February, and looking into joining up with some hot tours in late winter/early spring.

Walter is working with a band called The First Step as a producer. In Walter's own words: "They are a Straight Edge Hardcore Band in the spirit of the classic eighties shit, the music is tought and the guys are sweet".

Looks like the Gorilla Biscuits classic "Start Today" will be getting re-issued. Don't have any additional information, only that Walter is currently working on the liner notes. I'll try to get the scoop and report back soon.


So many good things are coming, so stay tuned in!

I am looking for news, rumors, photos, music, live recordings from the recent Walking Concert tour, etc.... please email me at

...thank you for becoming members, and for posting on the forum!






More Tour Dates, but not much news to report...

11/17/04 Silver Lake, CA @ Spaceland
11/18/04 Long Beach, CA @ Alex's Bar w/ Innaway
12/01/04 Philadelphia, PA @ The Khyber w/ Eagles of Death Metal
12/02/04 Brooklyn, NY @ North Six w/ Eagles of Death Metal
12/03/04 New York, NY @ CBGB's w/ Eagles of Death Metal
12/04/04 Washington D.C. @ Black Cat w/ Eagles of Death Metal
12/06/04 Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop w/ Eagles of Death Metal
12/07/04 Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick w/ Eagles of Death Metal
12/08/04 Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle w/ Eagles of Death Metal






Upcoming Walking Concert Tour Dates:

November 10: Seattle, WA (Chop Suey...formerly Breakroom

November 11: Portland, OR (Dantes)

November 13: Sacramento, CA (Blue Lamp)

November 15: San Francisco, CA (Bottome of the Hill)

November 17: Silver Lakes, CA (Spaceland)

November 18: Long Beach, CA (Alex's Bar)

If you are planning to attend a show, make sure you post about it, so you can meet up with other UBW members!!!







Update from Walter:

"The tour was awesome! We had such a blast. All the shows were great save Baltimore which I felt was only damn good. Chigago, Cleveland, Buffalo, New York, Philadelphia were outstanding. We've been working on the edit of The New Thing video. There's a lot of animation which is tricky so we hope while we're home we can get it finished. We're going to the west coast for two weeks in November, LA up to Seattle and back. After that we're going to England for the first time and we're hoping to tag on some German dates at the end. We'll probably play the north east at least and hopefully the midwest again before Christmas. "

"We're having a loft party in New York on Nov. 4th to celebrate the release of the record, we'll play a few songs."

"We're working on new material for the next couple of weeks. New titles: Watching The Designers, Dreaming Gypsies, Elysee Francais"

"I took abuch of pictures on the last tour and they'll be posted this week."

"I'm considering trading my next two votes to someone else in exchange for their one vote in the presendential election. They have to be from a swing state. I want them to vote for Kerry and I'll vote for whoever they want the next two times I vote. I just need to work out the legalities."


As for United By Walter..

DropEtoD made some amazing UBW shirts, and they are almost all gone. Triebsand made a ton of DVD's and they are all gone. Now we're designing buttons. See the forum for updates on each of these.

The UBW -vs- Walter interview is up, and is jam packed with great information. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions!!!

Walter just did an acoustic performance on an amazing radio show called Domestic Disturbance. Check out their site for the mp3's, and more!!! It's amazing stuff!!!







Having returned from Germany, Walking Concert is set to R.O.C.K in the U.S.A... first show is in the birthplace of UBW: the Minnie Apple, home of the (hopefully) 2005 World Series Champion Minnesota Twins.

Say it loud, say it proud...... UBW t-shirts are now available.. for the low price of FREE!!!! Thanks to the hard work and dedication of DropEtoD and his posse, we're set to represent. The shirts should be stateside any minute now. If you are interested in one please let me know...

There is a Walking Concert video out there somewhere, but no one has come forward to say they've actually seen it...

UBWDVDV.1 is ready.... I saw a test copy. Huge hugs and UBW respect to Triebsand and all who contributed. See the message board for more details on how to order your copy.

Lucyslip is back and Triebsand survived another damn hurricane is the official Walking Concert site, and it's already a ka-billion times better than the Rival Schools Island site. A great feature is the show archives. You'll find set lists for several previous gigs. Many of the Germany shows featured brand new songs. In the photo section, you'll find a bunch of cool photos, including one that shows NewCopCar and UsualChannels rocking out.... I was right behind them, but since I'm a vampire, you can't see me...

Check out the "news" section of UBW for newly added links to the UBW-FAQ, as well as, the UBW Mission Statement. The mission statement was written at the inception of this site, but still stands up over the test of time.






Walking Concert's debut "Run To Be Born" comes out in a couple of days: Tuesday, Sept. 7th. Be aware that there was a mistake in the production of the artwork. There are some black/magenta covers out there. These do not have a lyric booklet. Might be cool to have one of these "mistakes" anyway.....

Tour dates:
09/14/04 Bielefeld, Germany, Ringlokschuppen w/The Donots
09/15/04 Dortmund, Germany, Soundgarden w/The Donots
09/16/04 Koln, Germany, Live Music Hall w/The Donots
09/17/04 Koblenz, Germany, Suppkulter w/The Donots
09/18/04 Saarbrucken, Germany, Garage w/The Donots
09/19/04 Karsurhe, Germany, Substage w/The Donots
09/21/04 Muchen, Germany, Backstage w/The Donots
09/22/04 Frankfurt, Germany, Batschkapp w/The Donots
09/23/04 Kessel, Germany, Spot w/The Donots
09/24/04 Munster, Germany, TBA w/The Donots
09/25/04 Braunschweig, Germany, Meier Music Hall w/The Donots
09/27/04 Hamburg, Germany, Grunspan w/The Donots
09/28/04 Berlin, Germany, So36 w/The Donots
09/29/04 Leipzig, Germany, Conne Island w/The Donots
10/06/04 Minneapolis, MN, Ascot Room w/tba
10/07/04 Chicago, IL, Bottom Lounge w/tba
10/08/04 Detroit, MI, Shelter at St, Andrews w/tba
10/09/04 Buffalo, NY, Continental w/tba
10/10/04 Cleveland, OH, Grog Shop w/tba
10/14/04 Baltimore, MD, Ottobar w/tba
10/15/04 New York, NY, Sin-e tba (CMJ Music Marathon)





It's an exciting time. With the upcoming release, now there's news of an upcoming Walking Concert tour:

Two weeks in Europe starting Sept. 12th.

US Tour staring October 6th in Minneapolis. (tour dates coming soon, the only other date I've heard of is Oct. 8th in Detroit).

The band has been writng a lot of new songs, one called "Ruling Pianos" and another called "Hello Sense", which they played at their last show (Mercury Lounge) in NYC.

On Sept. 13th, Walking Concert will be featured on Fearless Music. A cable access music show that airs every Monday in Manhattan.





Due to problems with the artwork, Walking Concert's debut album, "Run To Be Born" has been delayed until September 7th. Take a look at the images page for my interpretation of the artwork.

To celebrate the release, UBW will be hosting a live chat on the 7th. All members are welcome to join. We'll try to get some special guests, but no promises. Keep an eye on the forum for up to the minute information.

About a dozen UBW members made it out to the Mercury Lounge show. Photos are already up in the images page. More coming... It was a magical night!

Rumor has it, Instruction and Helmet will be touring together in the fall.

Walking Concert is featured in the latest edition of Alternative Press (issue 194)

Bucket Truck is playing some NYC shows: Aug 16 in Brooklyn (Trash Bar) and Aug 17th at CBGB's. Their new album, featuring guest vocals by Walter, should be out soon.


So many good things are coming, so stay tuned in!

I am looking for news, rumors, photos, music, etc.... please email me at

...thank you for becoming members, and for posting on the forum!





The first download from the forthcoming Walking Concert CD is now available in the Music Section of United By Walter.

This Friday (August 6th), Walking Concert will be playing their first headlining show at the Mercury Lounge. A lot of UBW members will be in attendence, so if you're in the New York area, please come down to the show. There are no pre-sale tickets available, so come down early. Please post in the forum if you're going.....

Some new images including Bowery Ballroom photos, and our first Quicksand tattoo submission are now up.

There is an archive of Walking Concert's live radio performance on the WFMU site. Just fast forward about an hour into the program.





Metal Hammer has "exclusivey revealed" that Walking Concert will be touring the UK in September/October.

As for the US, Walking Concert will be performing at the Mercury Lounge in NYC (with Earl Greyhound). Friday, August 6th





There is a rumor that Walter will be on WFMU tonight at 11pm. A brief visit to their website didn't uncover anything, but it seems as though we'll be able to listen in on the web (just in case). First "Walking Concert" show is tomorrow.

Walter wants to know what is on your mind. He is interesting in answering any question you might have. Join the community / forum and ask away. I will compile the questions. Walter will answer them. A complete Q/A will be posted on the site.

Walter has been producing a straight edge youth crew band from North Carolina called The First Step

Unconfirmed track listing for the "Run To Be Born"

  1. What's Your New Thing
  2. Aluminum
  3. But You Know It's True
  4. Run To Be Born
  5. Studio Space
  6. Girl In the Field
  7. The Animals
  8. Audrey
  9. What Does Your Heart Say
  10. Hands Up
  11. Mustang Ford
  12. Calypso Slide
  13. Alot To Expect
  14. OK





A song from the Rival Schools / Onelinedrawing split is featured in the preview for a new Blind Skate Video called "What If ?"

July 9th: Walking Concert at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC. Please post on the board if you are going to the show...

August 24th: Walking Concert's debut record "Run To Be Born" will be released on Some Records.

Instruction has been added to certain dates of the Project Revolution tour. Featuring horrible bands such as Linkin Park and Korn. Funeral for a Friend is also playing select dates.





To answer the questions regarding the "who what where" of Walking Concert, here is a short history:

The band WALKING CONCERT was initially intended to be Walter Schreifels's solo project. Walter enlisted the help of Chris Daly (ex-Jets to Brazil, Texas Is The Reason) on drums, and Ryan Stratton, on bass (Ryan played guitar in Pearl Harbor, a band Walter played drums for). Together they recorded an album in December of 2002, but it was never released. After the recording was completed, Jeffrey Johnson of J. Majesty came onboard as a guitar player. (Note: Ryan Stratton also played drums in J. Majesty for a short stint, if you're keeping score!) . This line-up began playing shows around New York under various names (Walter and the Motorcycles, Memory of a Free Festival, etc). A few months later, the band decided to scrap the original record and make a new one with new material. Chris Daly decided to leave the band towards the end of 2003, in the midst of working on the record. Andy Action (Cardia) came in to play drums. The final product of these sessions, "RUN TO BE BORN" is scheduled for release on August 24th on Some Records. In summation, Walking Concert now consists of Walter Schreifels, Ryan Stratton, Jeffrey Johnson and newly added on drums, Drew Thomas (ex-Into Another), and they are now gearing up to start playing shows!





The first "Walking Concert" show has been announced: July 9th at the Bowery Ballroom in New York. The show is listed as Walking Concert: featuring Walter Schreifels. They will be opening for Juliana Hatfield. The next night, Juliana will be playing in Boston (at the Middle East), a quick check on their website lists The Damnwells as openers. Unfortunately it seems as though this bill is limited to a single occurrence. This will be a great opportunity, to not only hear new material, but answer the basic question of "who's in the band now"?

Walter (under the name "Walter Walter") will be on an upcoming tribute to the Smiths. Check out the Sore Point Records website to hear a sample of "Ask", as well as Instruction's version of "Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me".

Moondog rumors: the latest news concerning the Moondog re-issues. Supposedly the recordings have been re-mixed, mastered, etc... so the music is pretty much set to go. The hold-up now is attributed to final touches on artwork, liner notes, etc... With Walter concentrating on the new Walking Concert album, this project of his "past work" is currently on the back burner. From what I understand, it is definitely coming out, but only after the Walking Concert album, tour, etc.. has died down. It makes sense, and we've waited this long......






A release date has been announced for Walter's new project, "Walter Walter": August 24th on Some Records. For those of you keeping track, the name of this project has had at least 2 other monikers: "Memory of a Free Festival" as well as "Walter and the Motorcycles". Hopefully this announcement is a sign that the band will be active this summer, and HOPEFULLY we'll see some tour dates soon.


Instruction's album "God Doesn't Care" will be in stores the same day. Check out the amazing first single "Breakdown". If you're just tuning in, Instruction features members of Error Type 11, along with Tom Capone (Quicksand), and the recent addition of Joseph Grillo (Garrison). If you don't have their 2 EP's, shame on you!

Here is the track listing:

lean on you
are you happy?
I'm dead
pissed me off again
death to the 4 car garage band
feed the culture
your punk sucks
types to exceptions
3 stops short of dagenham
god doesn't care if we blow up the fucking world

Ian Love’s (ex-rival schools guitarist) band ‘Cardia’ are touring the uk in June with Sugacult and The Division Of Laura Lee. The dates are as follows:
June 14th - Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms
June 15th - Leeds, Cockpit
June 16th - Birmingham, Academy 2
June 17th - London, Islington Academy
June 18th - Oxford Zodiac
June 19th - Manchester University
June 20th - Glasgow, Garage






Bucket Truck, a band from Newfoundland have just finished recording a new record with Pelle Henricsson and Eskil Lovstrom, the same team who are responsible for the incredible Refused album “The Shape of Punk to Come”. They recorded a song with Walter, who traveled to Newfoundland for the first time to hang out and lend some vocals and inspiration. To find out more, visit their website

Not much else to report this week. I just continue to hear rumors that there is an entire album recorded, but no release plans... no shows... zero, nada, nothing, zilch..





Not much "news" to report.

It seems as though the Solea / Walter and Motorcycles tour is not going to happen.

I heard that the band is recording an EP now.

I just joined the International Noise Conspiracy "official mailing list", when I registered it asked what other Island/Def Jam artists I was interested in. No mention of any of Walter's bands (Rival, Memory or Motorcycle)...

Instruction seem to be ready to release their new record. No release date has been set. Can't wait!   Joseph Grillo has been added to the all star Instruction line-up on guitar/vocals. He was in Garrison. 3 guitar players WOW!

Heard a rumor that Island is in fact going to release the Quicksand 98 recordings along with b-sides, etc... Perhaps this will be along the lines of the At The Drive-In re-issues that should be surfacing sometime soon.

Triebsand is busy at work compiling videos, so check out the trading board and hook him up.





United By Walter Schreifels

Opening remarks / Mission Statement.

So, I was driving to work this morning, listening to a bootleg of Memory of A Free Festival. As much as I was enjoying the moment, I was working myself into a frenzy, as I thought of the ongoing battle to find information regarding our hero. I guess it all started with the "fade away" of Rival Schools, the slow death of their Island Records website, the constant tease of things such as an updated Some Records site, Moondog re-issues, etc... I don't think I've read an official word about Walter or his related projects in over a year.

So what happened? Where did he go? What's the status now.... Is his new band called "Memory of a Free Festival" or "Walter and the Motorcycles", or perhaps something all together new. Is it a coincidence that the new Limp Biskit song sounds like "Fazer"? Why are there so many "animal" references in his new songs? The list goes on and on and on....

As I passed the Gas & Sip, I wondered why in all the World Wide Web there wasn't a spot to ponder such questions with like minded folk...

It was then my mission became clear... and here it is.

To be honest with you, I haven't put much thought into this "site", all I know is that it would be cool to build it up with the help of all who stumble upon it. I'd like to be able to have a place to share rare recordings of Walter-based bands, recommendations of similar music, and I guess rants and raves from people who "get center" around Walter Schreifels and his former partners in crime (Instruction, etc..).

At inception, I don't feel the need to have pages dedicated to history... As Dave Smalley once said "If you have to ask, you'll never know". However, I could see a cool b-side type area, live photos.. you know the kind of stuff you can't find on typical official sites.

I plan on adding stuff regularly, so please favorite place it and check back..... if you have any ideas or things I can put up... please email me.The focus of this site will be centered around the community forum. I would like this to be a place where Quicksand/Rival Schools fans can get together and share cool things. As Walter says in one of his new songs... "anything is possible".


"It's a great adventure... come along"