Fires Finally, Artie and crue and playing the type of music they've been hinting towards for years. In my oppinion: If the heart is there, the rest will follow. Therefore.... hands down, Fires is the new band to watch in '06! (Fires = ex Instruction, Garrison, Errortype 11, World's Fastest Car, etc...)  
BOLD They are back and ready to take on the world!!! Great photos (check out TC3's super rad Venom shirt)... BOLD CREW!
Blabbermouth A great source for your Heavy Metal news requirements.
Punk News A great source for your Punk news requirements.
Minnesota Twins The greatest baseball team in the world.
Revolution Smile Sean Lopez's (ex Far) great band.
Family Guy Their "uncancellation" story is great, but Stewies tyrades against his mom are even better.
Aqua Teen Hunger Force The Moon Rules, and if you don't agree, I'll take you out with my Foreigner belt.
Free The West Memphis 3 Visit this website and then read the book "Devil's Knot".
Revelation Records Gorilla Biscuits, Texas Is The Reason, Quicksand... so much stuff. Top notch mail order catalog!!!
Electical Audio The home of the sounds recorded by the one and only Steve Albini... Check out the great message board
Some Records Walter's label, who released Walking Concert's "Run To Be Born".. buy it online today!
2.13.61 Rollins Henry's the man. Check out some of the Rollins Band rare/out-take CD's, especially the End Of Silence (with live cd)
Retisonic One of my favorite albums of 2004. Ex Bluetip... it'll rock your socks off
Walking Concert The official site of Walter + Drew + JJ + Ryan.... they rule!
Iron Maiden NWOBM... up the irons!
Home Run Drinking Game ...and you thought walking home from the local pub was difficult... give this game a go...
UBW at MySpace Will you be my friend?
DIO Dio, as in Ronnie James Dio aka the last in line, the master of the moon... LOOK OUT! Best metal singer of all time!
Band To Band The web site for those of us who care how Fugazi and Journey are connected
Gay For Johnny Depp Yeah, he's hot... and the band is damn fantastic-o too!
Firesideometer I wish my site was as cool as this one... for the love of fireside!
Aversion They have some good indie news and downloads.
Anti Music A music news site that collects information from similar locations, and puts it all on one. Sort of the USA Today of online music news sources.
Richie Birkenhead The voice of Into Another and Underdog has some great new stuff you NEED to check out.
Instruction Arty Shepard, Tom Capone, et al... a fucking amazing rock band!
Neurosis The heaviest thing around... how do they continue to blow us away? So good, it hurts!
Buddyhead Their gossip section is the best!!!!
CheapTrick A day without some Cheap Trick, is a sad day indeed!
All Music Great site for discography and reviews
Melinda Beck Amazing artist, responsible for Quicksand's "Manic Compression" cover among others!! Our Swiss friends, who know how to snowboard, rock, and party!!
Play Louder A great name for a great site... full of information and reviews
Int'l. Cartoonist Conspiracy If you like to draw, than this place is for you. I wonder if Napoleon Dynamite is a member???
Samiam Is there a better poppy - punky band than Samiam? Hell no, there isn't!
Hardcore Hall of Fame Great resource to discover roots, or just reminise
Cro-Mags The sound of NYC's streets
Victory Records The home of Snapcase, and some other good and not-so-good bands.
Dischord Perhaps the most consistent label of all times... Fugazi, Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, Lungfish... need I say more?
Cardia Official Site Ian Love and Andy Action's band.
Cardia Fan Site Really cool UK fansite, put together by really cool people
Walking Concert Fan Site Run by our friend Heulwen!!!! UK support for our heroes Walking Concert... big time awesome!
Something I Learned Today A fan-tastic site that archives a lot of rare and relatively obscure old school progressive punk. Lots of cool downloads for you to discover or rediscover lost treasutes.
Attractive A fresh sounding band featuring ex members of Snapcase, Threadbare and Six Going On Seven
Ryan Stratton Bass player and gentleman Ryan Stratton (of Walking Concert) has some solo stuff you should hear.
Domestic Disturbance Radio Super incredible radio show that at one time featured Walter and Walking Concert...check out the archives for killer material